How am I now 48?!

It’s kind of amazing how fast time seems to pass as you get older – there’s an economic phrase (the only thing I remember from economics, actually) that describes it perfectly: increasing at an increasing rate. Indeed.

“Wow. You are old, Mom!” -Chaos and Mayhem

Sometimes. And sometimes I’m not. 🙂

26 thoughts on “How am I now 48?!”

  1. Happy that time of year that we don’t talk about to you! And, Kittehs, don’t you know that all Mom’s have the gift of agelessness? I think it’s like a promo freebie that comes with the gizmo that makes the Tuna come out of the can.

  2. Happy birthday, Chris! I hope you have a fab birthday! As I’ve gotten older, I’ve adjusted my definition of ‘old’. It’s currently someone in their 70’s. I’m sure once I near that age, the number will go up to 100. That way, I’m never ‘old’ 😉

  3. Happy Birthday! My mom always used to say, and now I tell my kids, “Time flies, and the older you get, the faster it goes”! So right, mama, you wise woman. And BTW, we’re now the same age!

    *pets to Chaos and Mayhem*

  4. Happy birthday for the 17th Chris.

    I made a mental note on the actual day to come and wish you a happy birthday but alas, I’m too old for mental notes anymore and need real ones. Anyways, 50 is the new 30 don’t you know so you’re still a spring chicken!

    Hope you had a great day and that there was excellent cake 😀

  5. Ha, 48 is a Babe in the Woods [& a distant memory for me – I had to run away to Madeira for the last two weeks so that no-one spotted I was turning 60!!]

    Hope you had a lovely birthday – I did 😀 .

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