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  1. how cute..poor Chaos look like he doesn’t know what to think. I also think I see a hint of mischief in those golden eyes of the new addition

  2. I’m so glad for you and Chaos!!!! How exciting. I’ve been cut off, no more pets so I’ll have to live vicariously through you. Yes, I think you could totally put straps on the garterlac dishcloth and make a bib!!!

  3. okay, if didn’t actually just SEE Isis curled up with Morgan in the living room with my own two eyes only moments ago…I’d *swear* that was Isis…she even has the teeny white smudgey on her chest. jeez!

    did you and Chaos knit yourselves a clone of my kitten?

    (rubbing eyes with confusion)

  4. Having watched Emma (our alpha-cat) repeatedly (and unsuccessfully) trying to push/slap/bat/growl/intimidate kitten-Morgan out the window today (don’t worry, there’s a screen and it’s only first floor anyway), I think perhaps Chaos is strategizing.

    then again, maybe he is simply thinking, “Hm, it’s larger than a zucchini, and much wigglier.”

    or just, “Whew! I’m off the hook…a new victim for mom to pin the bibs on. As long as she doesn’t expect me to share the tuna…or SRM…my toys are *definitely* off limits. One toe touches my toys and blood WILL be drawn.”

    HAW! Let the games begin! (Hey Chris, better hide those tampons…)

  5. It’s a posse of black cats! I love it! I think Gandalf is smitten with the new, mysterious black kitty on the screen. Awww…she’s so cute. How are the siblings getting along?

    Chaos has the look Atticus and Mae did when I brought the littlest Dude home. “W.T.F. Mom…”

  6. She has such a sweet expression! Can’t wait to find out her name. Chaos does look upset/perturbed. Was she the one you catsat recently? Sort of testing out the waters maybe?

    Hope you have a great time w/ the YH today. : )

  7. Such a cutie!
    There is a latin proverb, “Nomen est Omen”…it means ‘name is prediction’. By calling her Mayhem you may be asking for it 😉

  8. Finally had a chance to catch up. This is too cool. I’m so glad you have a new addition to the family!! Although, it’s going to be very hard to tell them apart when she’s older… and you find one running away from the crime scene.

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