Ebook giveaway: My Soul To Keep by Anna Mayle [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Maya, who won Under the Stars by Geoff Laughton!

Congrats to Ashley E, who won Trapped in Oz (Tales from Kansas #3) by Andrew Grey!

Many thanks to Anna Mayle for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming paranormal m/m romance, My Soul To Keep, for a lucky commenter to win! My Soul To Keep will be released by Resplendence Publishing on October 29.

Bound by more than simple leather, the journal of a nameless soldier has languished on shelf after shelf since the final days of WWII. In its pages, the trials, heart and soul of one man. Forgotten, until small, calloused fingers lifted it from its perch, until world weary eyes began to read…

Now Allan is trapped in a storm of dreams from a war he is too young to remember. Haunted by the specter of a soldier he cannot forget. While worlds meld in a confusing vortex of fear and lust, Allan struggles to find the soldier’s name and the key to setting his restless soul free.

By the time he finds it though…will he be willing, or even able, to let his soldier go?

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About Anna

I grew up in the woods and wild, in a place almost forgotten by time, I learned that the best moments in our existence are the ones filled with the spirit of the earth when you are surrounded by family. Even now, thirty years into my life, I find there is nothing more important than family and nothing more soothing than a quiet forest and softly flowing water.

Currently I make my home in Lansing in a place surrounded by trees and gardens and affectionately called The Nest. While work, writing and family take up much of my days, I also enjoy a variety of pastimes. Some are as mundane as reading, video games, working in the gardens, singing, dancing, sketching and swimming. Others such as medieval reenactments and various other forms of live role play might seem more exciting.

All in all, I’m a geek with a love of words surrounded by the comfort and affection of a close family and a tight knit group of friends. Life hasn’t always been easy, it never will be, but it is the adversity, as well as the caring in our days, that shapes who we are and will be.

In the end…no worries.

You can find out more about Anna on Goodreads and Facebook.

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