Ebook giveaway: Under the Stars by Geoff Laughton [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Geoff Laughton for donating an ebook copy of his freshly released contemporary gay young adult novel, Under the Stars, for a lucky commenter to win!

Ethan Tanner is an out and proud, fastidious, and fashionable sixteen-year-old vegetarian who likes theater and musicals. This year, it’s his sister’s turn to pick the vacation destination, so he ends up on a dude ranch he knows he is going to hate. What with the dirt, animals, and germs, he can’t possibly be happy.

Jason McCoy is the closeted sixteen-year-old son of the ranch owners and is trying to find his place in a world that doesn’t seem to fit him. He takes an interest in Ethan, shows him around, and gets him to ride a horse. When he invites Ethan camping, Ethan thinks Jason must be joking. But Ethan takes a risk, and the two boys bond under the stars.

After that, Ethan and Jason are inseparable. Their friendship grows into something deeper as they begin to figure out what they want from life. But Ethan’s home is in Chicago, and the distance might be more than the two teenagers – and their blossoming relationship – can withstand.

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About Geoff

Geoff Laughton grew up very near the locations he writes about. Raised in western Michigan, he attended high school outside Muskegon and Ludington. After college Geoff moved a lot, traveled a lot, and ended up living at one time on both coasts. He currently works for a major corporation and writes in his spare time. Together with his partner of almost twenty years, Geoff still travels, collects antiques, reads all kinds of old crap, and loves to get his hands dirty in the garden. He currently lives in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. You can find out more about Geoff and his books on Facebook.

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32 thoughts on “Ebook giveaway: Under the Stars by Geoff Laughton [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. I stumbled over “By the Creek” when it came out so dont want to miss this one. So “I’m in”!

  2. No matter how old I get, I’m sure I’ll always be reading YA. Of course, my days of sleeping in baskets by the windows are long gone…OK, I never did that…in this life. But I lie around often enough in this one to assume I learned it from a previous cat life. 😉

  3. Count me in. Read his By the Creek book and liked it a lot.

    btw… shouldn’t you mention that Geoff Laughton is a fictional character in your bio of him? It’s kind of misleading the way that you have it.

  4. Hi Chris. Which one is in the bowl? They are so adorable and that bowl! Did you make it? Is it fabric? I can see it made of bright colors. My head is spinning with wonderful ideas! Thanks for the giveaway. 😉

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