Son of Bibber

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

“Oh no!” -Chaos (sound of fleeing)

“Crap.” -Chaos

“I just wasn’t quite fast enough, darn it.” -Chaos

“Ah well, no use whining about it…” -Chaos

“…when it’s so easy to get free and flee!” -Chaos

28 thoughts on “Son of Bibber”

  1. The cat made me angry this morning and I *do* have baby knitting to do at some point.. I’m thinking that I really need to make some bibs. hee hee hee.
    I’d say “poor Chaos” but at this point, he knows EXACTLY what he’s getting into when he sees those things. I think he secretly likes it.

  2. Hey Chaos, Mom coul dbe knitting little soakers. Then where would you be?

    Chris, stay away from the pastels, ‘kay? The primaries look so much more striking against the black fur.

    Oh, wait, these really are *baby* bibs, not cat bibs….Carry on…

  3. Dear Chaos,

    Living with humans requires extreme patience from the higher species. Just remember that Chris really DOES love you.


    P.S. Please don’t scratch her face off while she sleeps, Handsome Man!

  4. Kona and I went to the Vet today and we believe Chaos & Mayhem’s Great Grandpa may be working there! (They have three “office cats”) and the old man of the group is pitch black with glowing yellow eyes!

  5. Poor Chaos! Pastels really aren’t the thing for Chaos. Perhaps you could knit an intarsia bib in black with a pink tongue and fangs? That won’t scare the babies and new parents.

  6. Ah, cat modeling. The long forgotten art. I can’t remember if we ever tried putting anything like that on our kitty. Probably not, or I wouldn’t be alive to type this. Our little girl is a vicious brute under all her mottled fur.

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