Ebook giveaway: With Wings (The Dark Angels #1) (2nd ed) by Z Allora [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Z Allora for donating an ebook copy of her freshly rereleased m/m romance, With Wings (The Dark Angels #1) (2nd ed), for a lucky commenter to win!

The lights go down and stage lights up. The Dark Angels have arrived. With his come-hither voice and body made for sin, lead singer Angel Luv draws lovers like a magnet. And when he caresses and taunts shy guitarist Darius Stone on stage, well…it’s an act, right? But every touch lights a fire, and every flirtatious glance chips away at Dare’s certainty that he’s straight. No one else has so captured his imagination.

Temptation beckons. It’s hard not to notice the want in Dare’s eyes, the way he stares when he thinks Angel’s not watching. One wrong move might scare him away, but a work trip to exotic Bali might be the perfect place to let Dare explore his sexuality, with none to be the wiser. But their “friends with benefits” pact has an expiration date, that just might sour their friendship.


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Every one deserves a happy ending… (and I make sure they get one). I have written about hot rockers, sexy zombies, and Thailand club performers. My stories are about love, romance and are tied together with erotic sex. I utilize my time overseas and my travels to bring you to places you’ve yet to visit. I introduce you to cultures you’ve yet to explore. But with every word I write I hope to convey love is love. I look forward to hearing from you, my Pretties! Facebook. Blog. Website.

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30 thoughts on “Ebook giveaway: With Wings (The Dark Angels #1) (2nd ed) by Z Allora [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Awwww thanks you guys!!!! I’m really excited about this book. I know it is a re-release… but I rewrote every word and added 30,000 more. The story remains the same but I added Angel’s POV and many new scenes and polished it up pretty.
    Hugs, Z.

  2. Mayhem planning her next expedition of mischievousness: Hmm now I have practised my climbing skills, I can just see something I can knock over on the shelf up there and then I can blame it on Chaos…!

  3. Please count me in!
    What a cutey! I had a sweetheart who was black kitty, and her name was Sabbath. We also had a ferret at the time and her name was Angel. Angel LOVED Sabbath, and tried so hard to drag Sabbath under the door to our then 5 year old daughter bedroom. Angel just couldn’t understand that Sabbath couldn’t fit under the doors the way she could. So Angel would give Sabbath a good ear bath, then snuggle with her right in front of our daughters bedroom door.
    Thanks for giveaway!

  4. That is such a cute picture of Mayhem! Once I move I need to get me a couple of kitties. I love cats! They are so snuggly. Thank you for always sharing pictures of your babies! And thanks for the giveaway.

  5. Don’t fall Mayhem. 🙂 I really enjoyed this story the first time I read it, but would like it even more with new content. 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway!

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