Linkity is tired of the rain and flooding in Minnesota

Congrats to Engese31, who won the signed paperback copy of Becky Black’s two novella m/m science fiction romance anthology, Travelers: Tilt!


  • Hey, there’s actually going to be a contest next week. 🙂
  • If linkity seems a bit sparse this week, it’s because I’m tired (from a thunderstorm that started really early this morning and kept me awake) and a bit frazzled (I have a handyman here this week to do a partial bathroom remodel).



Think, Learn, Make, Do


Gluten Free


Cool or Wha…?




Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • Hahahahahahahahaha.

“What was that noise? Was that the handyman’s truck?! Should I run and hide before Mom tries to lock me in the kitty room?” -Chaos

14 thoughts on “Linkity is tired of the rain and flooding in Minnesota”

  1. Ha Ha – if that was my black cat, imagined noise or no, he’d be gone 😀 ! Hope your re-model turns out well. I’ve just released my hall floorboards from their imprisoning carpet and my next job is a new boiler and bathroom – but the lovely sunny [smirk] weather has me “mañana”-ing that plan 🙂 .

  2. Ah, I knew my cats were strange…. they believe in supervising any visiting handyman (or woman)… preferably if they can do it by sneaking up on them and then doing the whole weeping angels freezing thing when the handyman turns round to look…..

  3. Poor kitties, poor you, I hope the thunder and the handyman go away soon.

    I can add an odd phobia to the list
    We had a dog with food phobia once, if there was more than one kibble in his bowl he ran away and hid under whatever was the closest -and not occupied by a kitty, it took us ages to figure out how to feed him properly, but he made it to 9 years

    No idea what that phobia is called though

  4. Still crying over butter and buttsex. Those autocorrects cheer me up every time.

    That Potato and Chorizo Salad looks good.

  5. Re: flooding. Elder Son had the closing on his house in Sioux Falls on Wednesday, the day after all their flooding and tornados and general wet mayhem. Title agent said a lot of closings were canceled that day because the buyers found wet basements during their final walkthroughs. He found his basement to be COMPLETELY DRY during his final walkthrough. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than right.

  6. Glad you live on a hill! Hope you sleep well tonight, I don’t think I will after looking at those photos of fish-eating spiders…

  7. Definitely poised ready to flee there Chaos! Dont blame him, people disturbing nap time at home are not easily tolerated

  8. Glad you’re on a hill! Lol, most of those streets in LA are still dirt roads, metaphorically speaking. Stay dry!

  9. That is a FUN NOTEBOOK. Even if I think it would drive me NUTS trying to use it…

    Whooping cough? Oh dear. Oh, and speaking of things about California that I’m not thrilled about, we’ll take your excess water. Kinda short of the stuff over here.

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