I hope everyone had a much healthier break than did I! I made it through our family Christmas Eve celebration, but then a very evil cold took me out for the next few days. We’ll see how long I make it at work today…

Anyway! Now that the top secret knitting has been gifted, I can finally post about it. I knitted the Lion Brand Artful Afghan for my brother and SIL’s cabin. (Please note that these pictures were taken before washing, when the ripply edges vanished.)

“Stripey!” -Mayhem

“What is this stuff?! This is my favorite yarn ever! I love this!” -Chaos

Yes, ’tis true – turns out Chaos’ favorite yarn is Wool-Ease. (Jeanne has suggested that I use the leftovers to knit an afghan for him.) Let’s just say that knitting an afghan with a stitch count of 748 for the last round is much more challenging when a 15-pound cat insists that he must be on your lap wrapped in the afghan as you knit.

“If I hide under it, you can’t see me and you’ll know it’s mine.” -Chaos

“Um, everything ok under there, big kitty?” -Mayhem

“Go away! Mine!” -Chaos