So, do you think having a favorite cover model and being identify him from less than complete pictures means anything in particular? Meet Nathan Kamp. Nathan is supremely yummy.

Ok, ok, if you insist, my favorite is the cover for Dark Needs at Night’s Edge in the upper left corner… hmm, looks like I even commented on that cover when I read the book.

We shall never speak of this again, right?

“Wait, I’m not your favorite cover art model?!” *sniff* -Chaos

30 thoughts on “Uncovered”

  1. I might have clicked to embiggen the picture… my, my, we have certainly come a long way from the Fabio days, haven’t we?! (dating myself in the process ;o)

  2. Interesting. I wonder how he got into the job. I mean, nobody ever showed up at my school’s career day sitting behind the “Book Cover Model” sign.

  3. Humph. I put those cover models in the same category as Barbie models. Give me a snuggly guy in a beard and flannel shirt every time. (Heh. I just described my husband.)

  4. In grad school I went to the university gym with a friend because she said I had to see this “totally hot guy” who looks a lot like this model (although this was 20 years ago). He was hot, but he spent the entire hour we were there watching himself in the mirrors lifting handweights. He liked what he saw more then we did. Now black kitties are never vain… 😉

  5. I’m not so much for the hot guys on my book covers, but I do the same thing with fantasy books. I’ll go out of my way to pick up a book if the artwork is by Kinuko Craft. Just gorgeous!

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