Linkity lampreyism

Congrats to Maya, who won The Match Before Christmas (2nd ed) by Eden Winters!

Congrats to Susan A, Karl, Samantha, Cynthia, and bheds, who won Reach for the Moon (Alejo & Bobby) by Val Kovalin!

Congrats to batchelorboy55, who won Damned If You Do: The Complete Collection by JL Merrow! Damned If You Do will be released on June 24 by Riptide Publishing.


  • Possibly by this time next week I will own a new condo. Still waiting for one document…



Think, Do, Learn, Make



Gluten Free



Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • Hockeyficshockeyficshockeyficshockeyficshockeyfics!

“I’m melting!” -Chaos

9 thoughts on “Linkity lampreyism”

  1. Hope everything goes smoothly with the new condo.

    Catwoman Barbie! The Raider Ken! (I think I had that book!)
    Be still my heart!

    Love the dishtowels, but Larry has already put holes in all of the handwoven towels I’ve purchased (by drying sharp knives, I think). I wouldn’t dare let him use hand-knit ones (and expensive to boot, from that Euroflax linen).
    A recent post from Cheryl S…A knitting non-updateMy Profile

  2. What do you mean, rhubarb Danishes? I am NOT a rhubarb
    But I don’t mind being called almond cream, yum 😉

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