P is for…

Powderhorn Art Fair. (Let’s just move right along and ignore the fact that I’ve skipped “O,” shall we?)

I posted Saturday about the crowds of the Uptown Art Fair. If crowds aren’t your thing, you have two additional art fair options on the same weekend. The first is the Loring Park Art Festival, which is located around the shores of the lake in Loring Park. I haven’t been to that festival for a few years, mostly because I can only handle one art fair in a weekend.The second alternative is the Powderhorn Art Fair, which is located around the shores of a lake in Powderhorn Park. I love this art fair! I think it’s much more pleasant wandering around a lake looking at art than it is shoving your way along a crowded street looking at art. Your mileage may vary (YMMV).

So on Saturday, Jeanne and I headed over to Powderhorn Park. (Look! More Saturday skies!) This picture was taken facing away from downtown (click on any picture to see a larger version):

And this picture was taken from the other side of the lake, facing downtown with the Midtown Market (a renovated old Sears building) looming between downtown and the park:

A band played jazzy oompa music, which provided the perfect soundtrack for art shopping.

We saw some wildlife…

Although we couldn’t figure out what that turtle (on the far left) and the ducks were sitting on – a submarine seemed unlikely!

This puzzled me no end – if you can’t read the lettering, it says “ICE WATER DEVICE.” Huh.

Sorry – no pictures of my purchases, since most of them were birthday and Christmas presents for my family!

Chaos kept busy while I was gone: