“Y’know, Mayhem, I have to say I’m not pleased with Mom deciding to rip apart our living room just because she wants some stupid new furniture.” -Chaos

“No kidding, big kitty. She didn’t even ask us about it! She really hurt my feelings.” *sniff* -Mayhem

“Hmm. I wonder if I can open these doors…” -Chaos

“But big kitty, Mom is giving away this cabinet! What if you get locked in and given away?! What if she gives the cabinet to the vet???” -Mayhem

34 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes”

  1. You disrupted the living room just for new furniture? How shocking!!

    in a very funny related note, I tore mine apart a few weekends ago purging unneeded/unwanted/unused items and it really looked like 5 tornados hit it at one point in time. Poor Pepper just kept coming up to me with this most pathetic “meow” I kept telling her it really was going to be OK…

  2. When I was a kid, we had a cat and we had a coffee table that had sliding doors. The cat would slide the doors so that she could slip in. It was her favorite hiding place.

  3. The kitties look like they’re in some sort of capsule hotel.. its rather amusing. I’m not allowed to move furniture around because Ms. Kitty thinks we’re moving and won’t come out for a week.

  4. I think as long as that piece stays empty the kitties will be happy. I know my Zoe digs big, empty pieces of furniture…or big soft ones…or things she not supposed to on..or chairs with large dogs in them that she can smack in the nose and run away from. But I digress.

  5. Yes, there’s nothing like a new piece of furniture, or stuff being moved around to completely throw the kitties for a loop.

    It’s a big change in their world! 😀

  6. M&C, Maybe your Mom spotted an even larger kittie bed at IKEA??? An entire room of kittie beds? Oh that would be so wonderful! Or maybe she’ll move in some good taxi boxes.

  7. Hang in there kittehs! At least you’re not moving and if you play your cards right (you know, wail pitifully and give your mom the big eyes) you might get some crunchy treats.

  8. Sly (my big black kitty) thinks that cleaning/rearranging time is actually fun. We find the most interesting kitty toys when we do this task. Some of them are even recognized as toys by the human and don’t result in a “give that back!” command. 🙂

  9. While I think new furniture is a great thing, cats seldom do. For creatures who act like they are superior to everyone else, they sure get discombobulated by a little change in furniture or even furniture arrangement. But I’m looking forward to seeing what you get!

  10. I think Chaos and Mayhem might want to keep that as their own personal cat apartment building. Then again, they can probably sit anywhere and if you give it away, they’ll find another spot.

  11. How can you possibly remove that delightful two-cat perch from the kitties’ condo? I hope the replacement meets with their approval. Unspeakable events could ensue if they don’t like it.

  12. I can’t believe you would do something so traumatic to your poor cats.

    And Mayhem has a point. I bet she won’t check to make sure Chaos isn’t in there when the cabinet goes either. Little sisters……

  13. Man, if you move one little thing, like shove a book from one end of the coffee table to the other, the cats are all over that in seconds! “What is this? What happened? Why has the location of this book been disrupted? Must investigate…”

    I’m looking forward to seeing the changes.

  14. Wow – you are brave, getting new furniture and not asking those in charge first!

    But oh God, I hope the vet doesn’t get it – imagine the horrors … 😉

  15. Your story of the cats reminded me of the time when we had a large tom named Sam. He loved our love seat, in fact he was the only one who would sit on it. Well my parents got new furniture and the couch and love seat when over to our neighbors. The door was open waiting for the delivery van to bring the new furniture when in walked Sam. He walked in, saw no couch, ran over to where the love seat was and just about fell ovre. The poor guy was upset for weeks, and never sat in the chair that replaced the love seat. We then got a new car and I think he was in the dumps that whole year.

  16. The biggest problem with getting new furniture is parting with the old, I can never say good-bye, maybe thus the reason I’m a tad of a pack rat. Well, not most things, but big things.

  17. Ha! You joke but this actually happened to Jeff’s mom. They had to move all of their furniture out of the house for remodeling after their house got flooded so they had one of those PODS. After it was packed up and taken away, on a Friday, they realized their cat was missing. Unfortunately there was no way to get him out of the POD until the following Monday because the place was closed for the weekend.
    Luckily the kitty was fine, if a little traumatized and he was nice enough to find a little corner to use for a litter box that was no where near the furniture.
    He did stick closer to home for a while after that though :o)

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