In which May goes to the emergency vet and I go to urgent care but we’re ok, so whew!

I was eating lunch when May started to scream – she was playing with the end of a bungee cord and got it wedged in her mouth. Chaos flipped and attacked her. I got the bungee free, but she was bleeding. And then Chaos attacked me. He got locked in the bathroom. Took May to the emergency vet – she’s fine (whew!), just has a bruise on her tongue and some cuts at the back of her mouth. Soft food for her for a few days.

While I was at the emergency vet, blood overflowed out of my shoes, so the vet tech slapped some pressure bandages on me and rinsed off my shoes. They held on to May while I went to urgent care. Got five stitches on the back of one calf. Punctures and scratches on both legs, my left hand, and both arms. Since Chaos managed to trip me, I twisted my knee and also seem to have jammed my right index finger. On antibiotics for 10 days.

All the dark spots in the photo above? My blood from earlier.

Home now. May is hiding between the head of my bed and the wall (Chaos can’t get there). She won’t let me near her, either. I let Chaos out and he was fine, but then he went into the bedroom and May started growling at him and he got all hissy growly poofy. I scruffed him and put him back in the bathroom for a few minutes. Now May’s shut in my bedroom and Chaos is out. I guess it’s good I grabbed some disposable litter boxes, just in case….

Send some cat calming, no infection thoughts our way, will ya? Much appreciated…

Update, evening of November 13: May’s been back to the vet twice since Saturday. First we got ointment for her eye, which apparently got scratched in the melee. Today she got subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, and “critical care” cat food… which she actually ate some of (first food since all this started).

60 thoughts on “In which May goes to the emergency vet and I go to urgent care but we’re ok, so whew!”

  1. Holy Cow! I’m so sorry to hear about this – all of it. I hope May feels feels better soon, and that you heal without any complications. Pats on the head to the furry guys and a hug for you. Sounds like it’s been a scary few days. Take care.
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  2. Sorry to hear all this happened 🙁
    Hope this get back to normal soon and both you and May get better.
    Sending calm and happy thoughts your way…

  3. Oh my goodness what a week of trauma. Hope Mayhem’s feeling better and Chaos is making it up to you by plenty of purring and face rubbing!

  4. Eeek! Oh the joys of having cats. I hope they can get back to being friends too… Six months down the track, cat Valium included, our two cats still growl and hiss at each other – so I totally get extra litter trays, etc

    As for yourself, fingers crossed that everything heals up okay – not the best of birthday presents, huh??? And yeah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, even if it’s a bit late.. *hugs*

  5. Take care of yourself. Saw the picture, they’re no fun and mighty serious. Sending positive energy to you and Chaos. He (she?) needs to calm down. Be well.

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