Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I got you captions. I hope. If the blog plays along, that is.

Today is Jeanne’s birthday! She went blog-free this year, so I can’t send you to her blog to wish her happy birthday. Hmm. You could leave her a message on Ravelry if you’re over there. Or maybe she’ll read the comments here… Let’s lure her in with some pictures of her own cats, shall we? You can gift her with comments on them!

First, the noble and stealthy Kreature, who could almost be a rock (with a purple harness, the latest in rock fashion accessories, you know).

Next, the not-quite-as-stealthy-as-Kreature, but instead very fluffy and annoyed Greta.

And finally, a picture of Puddinhead artistically sharpened so you can’t tell how blurry it was originally.

Have a great weekend, everyone! Hopefully next week I’ll get around to summing up 2008 (although I originally typed this sentence as “Hopefully next year…”).

31 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I got you captions. I hope. If the blog plays along, that is.”

  1. Happy Birthday Jeanne!! The first picture looks like it should be captioned “rok shapd key hiderz.. ur doin’ it verry well aksually”.

  2. Happy Birthday Jeanne! Your kitties, I’m sure, have a lovely day planned for you, with pressies and cake and kitty foolishness. Because you know, cats do that for their humans… 😀

    Wow, Greta could be Mae’s sister…

  3. Happy Birthday to Jeanne!

    I think those kitties need a blog, don’t you? Especially Greta, who looks like she has a lot of thoughts to express.

  4. Can’t believe Jeanne has gone a whole year without blogging. She could start a new blog and call it “The Year Without Blogging” and tell us all the stuff she did 😉

    Happy Birthday Jeanne!

  5. What different and pretty kitties. Esau Marie couldn’t pick one as a favorite. She is quite in love with Chaos. Still, happy birthday Jeanne! And, Chris? Have a great weekend.

  6. Why am I thinking about Jim Gaffigan’s jokes (paraphrased, for Jeanne and her birthday): “You don’t have a blog? Why? Are you allergic to blogs? Do you mind if I have a blog? I can go outside…” (his joke is about the questions people ask non-smokers or drinkers and that they don’t ask about other things, like mayonnaise.) Anyway, Happy Birthday Jeanne!

  7. Happy Birthday, Jeanne!

    Ah, the kitties. Greta does look vastly annoyed. Kreature makes a lovely rock. Puddinhead, perpetual motion!

    Next year sounds like a plan, Chris! Plenty of time to get your updates set up. 😉 TGIF.

  8. KITTIES! So cute. I love. ^__^

    Hey, I was wondering if you were going to the Bohus exhibit at the ASI later this month? I have a serious jones to go, but of course am on the left coast with no money so it’s completely impossible. But! You’re in the same city (I think) and I wondered if you knew that the opening was in a couple of weeks. Anyway, if you do go let us know what it’s like?

    *treats for two of the Aptly Named Kitty Club from Trouble, my sister’s mew*

  9. Happy Birthday, Jeanne! I agree with the other Jeanne that Kreature resembles a cat we had that we suspect was a good percentage of Russian blue. He was the best cat with quite a purrsonality! Enjoy your day!

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