Ebook Giveaway: Boats in the Night by Josephine Myles [CONTEST CLOSED]

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Many thanks to Josephine Myles for donating an ebook copy of her freshly released (as in today!) m/m romance, Boats in the Night, for a lucky commenter to win!

Like two ships passing in the night – if one was a narrowboat and the other a luxury yacht.

Disgraced private school teacher Giles Rathbourne has been sent home on extended sick-leave and is stuck in a rut of obsessive housework and drinking. His ex may have been a snobbish bastard, but without him, Giles is adrift, rattling around his huge, lonely house. When a dreadlocked narrowboater’s engine breaks down at the end of his canal-side garden, Giles is furious at this invasion of his privacy – for a while.

Smutty might not have ever held down a proper job, but the fire-dancing, free-spirited traveller can recognise an opportunity for mutual benefit when he sees it. Giles’ extensive gardens are in as desperate need of attention as the upper-class hunk is himself, whereas Smutty knows a thing or two about plants and needs a place to moor up.

A simple business arrangement between two men who have nothing else in common? It would be – if they could keep their hands off each other!

Special Offer

Anyone who signs up for Jo’s author newsletter will be given a voucher to download a free copy of the book from Smashwords (your choice of formats, including PDF, mobi, and epub) – valid from November 16 through December 25, 2011. You can find the newsletter signup link in the sidebar on all pages of Jo’s website.

Boats in the Night was originally published as a serial novel on Jo’s blog, where you can still read it online for free.

Other Books by Jo

About Jo

Eccentric Englishwoman, absent-minded mother, proud bisexual, shameless tea-addict, serial textile craft hobbyist, iconoclastic logophile and writer of homoerotic romance – Josephine Myles is all these things at once. She has held down more different jobs than any sane person ever should, and is fundamentally rebellious, preferring the overgrown yet enticing path rather than the wide and obvious one.

Jo once spent two years living on a slowly decaying narrowboat, and was determined that she would one day use the experience as fodder for a novel. It may have taken a few years, but she got there in the end. She usually does.

She lives in rural Somerset, in the West Country of England, with her husband and four year old daughter. Currently self-employed, she gave up a career teaching English Literature to look after her daughter, who has Down’s Syndrome. When she isn’t working, writing or spending time with friends and family, she bakes cakes and attempts to finish off some of the textile projects she has started, with varying degrees of success. She can occasionally be spotted wearing her creations, as no one else will.

In her short stories Jo is particularly interested in exploring how characters react in the heat of the moment, and what they reveal about their deepest desires and insecurities. She most enjoys writing contemporary tales about unconventional men overcoming their fears through love, but ventures into sci-fi and paranormal when her muse insists. He can be a right difficult bastard at times.

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  1. Love barge books. White Flag was a favorite of mine. And this is a new author. Please count me in.

  2. Hmmm, I may have said I was going to keep entering until I won something, and now I’ve won I guess I’m supposed to give up…but I don’t want to, I have the bug now, so please include me too please x

  3. I’m entering the contest.

    Josephine Myles is a new author for me. I need to check out her other works because Boats in the Night sounds pretty good.

  4. Okay, if you’re gonna name a character Smutty I’m ever so inclined to read the book and find out why.

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