Ebook Giveaway: Private Eye (Liaisons #1) by SE Culpepper [CONTEST CLOSED]

I turned 45 today. Eeek! How did that happen?!

Congrats to Tina, who won Touching Wood (Stand-Alone Shorts) by Kim Dare! Don’t forget, Kim is donating all royalties from sales of this book to ALSO Out Youth.

Many thanks to S.E. Culpepper for donating an ebook copy of her m/m romantic suspense, Private Eye (Liaisons #1), for a lucky commenter to win!

Rafe Bridges stopped mixing business with pleasure long ago, but when he receives a call from an intriguing cop who needs help searching for an old family friend, he breaks down and takes on the case. With each day that passes, Rafe becomes further fascinated with Jeremy Halliday…but the biggest problem isn’t his attraction to the cop or his growing need for him. It’s the tiny little detail of Jeremy being straight.

Jeremy isn’t as immune to Rafe as he’d like to believe and as they work together, sifting through a case that is more mysterious and dangerous than it seems, Rafe draws away from him. Knowing he might miss out on someone incredible, Jeremy has to figure out what and who he really wants. And soon.

Nothing is black and white anymore.

About S.E.

S.E. Culpepper lives in Connecticut and does all her work during her son’s nap and bedtimes. She loves romance, especially when it smacks negativity in the face. S.E. Culpepper is currently editing the sequel to Private Eye which should be released early next year, maybe sooner if the stars align. In her spare time she does gigs as a photographer.

You can find out more about S.E. at her website, blog, and at Goodreads.

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  1. This sounds really interesting. Count me in pretty please.

    Happy belated Birthday!


  2. Again, happy late birthday. Please sign me up.

    Chaos, no birthday amnesty for Mom means no amnesty for YOU…just sayin.

  3. This is on top of my “to-buy” list. Count me in, please! It looks so yummy… Thank you thank you thank you for the contest! 😀

  4. This sounds interesting, please count me in! (I hope this is still within the time frame, I am seriously bad at calculating the time zones…)

  5. Hi, somebody recommended the book on goodreads, I checked the authors blog and the latest entry was about this givaway 🙂 Lucky me. Well, will see in few days how lucky. Fingers crossed 😀

  6. I’ve heard such great things about this one, and I’m really craving a good GFY! Please count me in! Thanks Chris.

    Chaos – Behave yourself. You wouldn’t want to get stuck on the naughty list.

  7. And another one I missed, I’m rubbish, hopefully i have snook in here before it closes, I’m pretty stealthy, like a competition ninja xx

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