The only picture I got of Chaos after putting a bib on him…

By the time he landed, he’d already pulled it up over his head and off. Serious bib removal skills there!

Have a great weekend, everyone! With only a little bit of luck, I think I’ll have a dozen bibs for the shower on Saturday.

31 thoughts on “The only picture I got of Chaos after putting a bib on him…”

  1. Ms. Kitty is reading your blog today (she’s in my lap) and looked up at me as if to say “you know that if you do that to ME that I’ll kill you in your sleep, right?”

  2. Poor thing…I can get Jack to hold still for a fair amount of time, but Bailey is another matter entirely!

    I also meant to ask–do you have your bib recipe online somewhere? I find myself with a boatload of cotton for some reason…

  3. HA!

    A Bib Action Shot, leaping through the air….
    Yes, those are some srs bib removal skilz.

    Have a good weekend! Sounds like it will be beautiful; we need to take advantage of it.

  4. I had a kitty once who pooped in my dad’s shoes when he suffered such indignities… regardless of who inflicted them. Maybe you should cover up your black shoe collection 😉

  5. Chris- Not that Chaos is in any way spiteful, but when Chops gets teased by my son, he pees in the laundry basket- but only on his stuff.

    Just sayin’. Have a great weekend.

  6. I think Ozzie and Chaos should have a gymnastics competition – it would be pretty hilarious – but maybe a little traumatic for the competitors? (Ozzie thinks he is a kangaroo…)

  7. Well, good luck! Just in case you don’t have enough yet.

    I think I figured out why Chaos felt secure enough in his bib-removal skills to remind you of that shower invitation…

  8. You show her, Chaos! A suave, gentleman kitty like you don’t need no stinkin’ bib!

    But it’s a very nice bib for a human baby. Have a great weekend, Chris!

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