Ebook Giveaway: The Fitzwarren Inheritance Trilogy (Chris Quinton, RJ Scott, & Sue Brown) [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Chris Quinton, RJ Scott, and Sue Brown for donating their forthcoming m/m romance trilogy, The Fitzwarren Inheritance, for a lucky commenter to win!

“I curse you and your children’s children, that you shall all live out your allotted years, and that those years shall be filled with grief and loss and betrayal, even as you have betrayed and bereaved me.”

Four hundred years ago in rural England, a mob burned two men to death, but not before one of the victims, Jonathan Curtess, hurled a dreadful curse at the mob’s leader, Sir Belvedere Fitzwarren. The curse has followed the family through the centuries, bringing grief and loss to each generation.

The Psychic’s Tale by Chris Quinton – June 4

Mark  Renfrew is a closeted psychic and openly gay. When his grandmother discovers a family link to a 17th century feud and a still-potent curse, she insists he investigate and do his best to end it. He travels to the village of Steeple Westford, and meets and falls for Jack Faulkner, an archaeologist. He also meets the Fitzwarrens, who are facing yet another tragedy.

Then Mark learns that the man who cursed them had twisted the knife by leaving three cryptic conditions that would lift the curse, and he knows he has to try to break the curse his ancestor had set.

The Soldier’s Tale by RJ Scott – June 11

Corporal Daniel Francis has returned to his childhood home in England to heal; the only one of his unit that survived a roadside bomb.

His reasons for skipping medication are based on a stubborn refusal to become an addict, and he is overwhelmed with survivor’s guilt

Doctor Sean Lester has joined his father’s surgery and when he is held at knife point by a patient high on drugs it is Daniel that leaps to his rescue – much to his horror.

When Sean nearly runs Daniel down in the dark he finds a man who needs help, and resolves to be the person to show Daniel that it is possible to live through guilt and find happiness.

Set against the backdrop of the Fitzwarren family curse, The Soldier’s Tale is a story of one man’s fight to find his place in a new world outside of the Army.

Will Daniel and Sean fill the second of three cryptic conditions that can lift the curse?

The Lord’s Tale by Sue Brown – July 2

Surrounded by the tragedy of his family’s history, the last thing Phil expects is to be  picked up by a gorgeous guy twenty feet up a climbing wall. What scares him even more is the way Lee fits into his life, the final piece to break the Fitzwarren curse.

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Congrats to Otter, who won Shades of the Past (EMS Heat #9) by Stephani Hecht! Shades of the Past is being released by eXtasy Books today.

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