Ebook Giveaway: Call and Answer by Val Kovalin [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Val Kovalin for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming paranormal m/m romance, Call and Answer, for a lucky commenter to win! Call and Answer will be released on March 27 by Amber Allure.

Small-town Louisiana in 1959 is a dangerous place to have a gay affair. But Henri can’t help his instant attraction to Gabriel, a handsome black musician who accepts his advances with amused tolerance. Henri hopes for a summer of hot, uncomplicated sex before he leaves for college. He doesn’t realize that Gabriel is a powerful shapeshifter who also lives as an alligator in the bayou.

When Henri first sees Gabriel transform into an alligator, he mistakes him for the Devil. Then he learns that Gabriel exists to raise power through sex-magic. For that, Gabriel needs a human lover. In the past, some lovers have helped Gabriel spend the power for the good of the land, and others have squandered it for personal gain. What will Henri do – given that he never wanted to be a magic-wielder in the first place?

As his summer romance with Gabriel deepens into passionate love, Henri must learn to face responsibility as he encounters prejudice, family feuds, and startling glimpses into the underworlds of New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Can he persuade Gabriel to take a chance on a future with him?

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About Val

I started by reviewing m/m gay romance fiction, which led me to writing it, but I’m definitely a reader at heart. I love analyzing fiction, which makes reviewing a favorite hobby. I review with Reviews by Jessewave and for the All Romance Ebooks newsletter. I publish m/m fiction with Loose Id and Amber Allure. As a reviewer, I know not every reader likes every book, so I’m okay with negative reactions to my work. I like humor, strong plots, and complicated characters, and hope to offer you the same. I also like miniatures, minimalism, unusual junk, and animals of all sizes, especially reptiles. Thanks for reading!

You can visit Val at her blog and at her website.

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  1. How many moose would a mini mouse move if a mini mouse could move moose? Apparently it’s the same number. =) Please count me in.

  2. I’ll put my hat in for the contest! Not everyday you see an alligator-shifter story. ^_-


  3. I’m entering the contest.

    A shape shifting alligator; that’s a new one for me. I must add this to my must have list.

  4. Hmm Henri certainly can’t afford to say “bite me” to Gabriel because he might loss some very important bits & then it would be bye bye to the romance!!LOL

  5. Well Chaos, the Wood won’t chuck the Woodchuck unless you Call Chuck and I Answer Woodchuck!

  6. As much as the pickled peppers in the peck picked by Peter Piper? An alligator shifter sounds most intriguing.

  7. Alligator shifter? Damn, that’s something new. I enjoyed Trinity Trespass a lot, I’m in for Wally Gator too. ^^

  8. It doesn’t matter how much wood a wood chuck could chuck when he meets an alligator…..

    Please enter me.

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