There’s a rumor of sunshine in the forecast…

Vacation Summary So Far
Friday – Biked, went to the library, picked up new glasses, read, knitted.

Saturday – Moaned about the rain, read, knitted, met Jodi of A Caffeinated Yarn at Common Roots for coffee, conversation, and knitting while she was in the area.

Sunday – Moaned about the rain, read, knitted, ripped, re-knitted, bothered the cats, randomly selected contest winner. Congrats to Lisa! Your copy of Night Shift will be on its way as soon as I make it to the post office.

Reading Update
Gale Force (Weather Warden, Book 7) by Rachel Caine. This is a series I continue to enjoy, but boo hiss to the cliffhanger endings! (If you read either Caine’s Weather Warden or Morganville Vampire series, check out the free online short stories on her website.)
Birthright and Two of a Kind (Impulse / The Best Mistake) by Nora Roberts. It’s starting to scare me how much she’s written…
Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This book was hefty – over 700 pages worth of heft. The first half, about Ash’s human life, is not easy reading. The second half seemed really choppy and not very well-written – not sure if I was just reading too fast, or if I had expectations for this book that it couldn’t quite meet.
Witch in the House by Jenna McKnight. Another light’n’fluffy paranormal romance, featuring a witch and a Pierce Brosnan lookalike PI.

“Sheesh, Mom, can’t a guy sprawl in his own living room without ending up on the internets?” -Chaos

“I didn’t do it! You can’t prove it! Oh, wait, what?” -Mayhem

27 thoughts on “There’s a rumor of sunshine in the forecast…”

  1. Picked up new glasses?! New frames? Modelled shot?

    I know – the weather has suuuuucked. I was up most of the night with an Ike induced migraine. 🙁

    Mayhem does look a bit guilty of something…

  2. Love your kitties! They’re so adorable.

    And I gave up on the Dark-Hunter series. I don’t know if it was that my expectations were too high, too, but there’s plenty more on my TBR list that doesn’t disappoint, so…

  3. I hope you get some sunshine! Do we get to see the new glasses?

    I’m not sure the kitties are thrilled with you on vacation at home. How are they going to lick the fruit and sleep on the dining table?

  4. I had a moment of panic, what did I win??? That Lisa won some claudia hand paint from me a while back! Congrats to her! May seems frazzled…. is your being home catching her in the act of some undesirable activities???

  5. We had rain all day yesterday but today was very nice. Hopefully you’ll have sunny skies soon, if not already. The reading, knitting, and biking sounds good though. Poor Chaos, always caught in the unflattering pose. 🙂

  6. So in St. Louis so far the wettest year in history was 1982. 55 inches of rain for the year. So far as of 9/15/2008 we’ve had 51 inches of rain with it in the forecast this week for Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. And traditionally October and NOvember are very wet months.

    I feel soggy.

  7. The rain was crazy here all weekend – rainiest day in Chicago history on Saturday! I had to do all of my errands today instead of yesterday. At least my house didn’t flood – and now it’s nice and dry out.

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