A new bag… or two

I think you’re all well aware of my weakness for bags at this point, right? And you might remember that a few months ago, I got rid of two tote bags that just didn’t work out for me. Of course, that meant I’ve had my eye out for a new bag, since I really am tired of the piece of REI carry on luggage I’ve been lugging around. A few weeks ago, I picked up a Case Logic canvas messenger bag and I love it! It has a laptop sleeve that works well for carrying books and work stuff, too. I also picked up a new hardshell camera case for my Olympus 1010 to protect it while it’s in my messenger bag. (You can almost see the camera case under May’s tummy below.)

“Out of my way, May.” -Chaos

“As if! You’re not the boss of me, big kitty!” -Mayhem

Fortunately, before that could devolve any further, I pulled out my newest sock project bag, which completely distracted Chaos.

“Hmm, what is that little dangly thing?” -Chaos

“This dangly thing rocks!” -Chaos

“I love you, dangly thing!” -Chaos

*nom nom nom* -Chaos

33 thoughts on “A new bag… or two”

  1. ah, for the love of a good dangly thing!

    i’m another one who needs a bag for every project, and a few spares for carrying stuff around in, and a few more for doing the shopping, and then a couple extra ‘just in case’ and … um, you know… lol

  2. Chris- Dangly things, to my knowledge, offer no nutritional value whatesoever.

    Have you seen the new Roots Emily Saddle leather handbag-? I think I need to tell Santa about it.

  3. I love new bags, too! Lately I’ve been using the one that came with Lynn Viehl’s goodie bag. Lots of fun – both the having a new bag to use, and the getting it as a gift! Though that messenger bag looks awesome, I may have to stay on the lookout for one… My current computer bag is awesome but gets very heavy (because I fill it too full…).

  4. I’m very intrigued by your new messenger bag. I have a huge backpack which just isn’t working for me. This looks like a great bag.

    Wonderful purples in the project bag. I hope Chaos left the dangle attached!

  5. Sorry to be late to this – HQ is letting me use a 17 inch laptop – aargh, and the ‘matching’ bag is this huge backpack – So, I went shopping and got a really sleek Belkin bag – doesn’t hold lots, but the laptop, charges, and a mouse fit nicely, along with a clipboard, papers, and my PDA. No room for knitting, tho…. But I have plenty of other bags for that. 🙂

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