Lols and hail and prizes, oh my!

Thanks to furiousball for the great lolcats caption for yesterday’s picture – head on over to lolcats and vote for Mayhem!

I have a great weakness for bags. Sometimes they work out for me, but usually they don’t. In order to not ultimately end up buried in bags I’ve only used once or twice, I’ve added a For Sale page. Check it out! (Update: Bag sales are pending – thanks for your interest!)

You’ve probably heard about the crazy weather we’ve been having here in Minnesota for the past several weeks. On May 31, we had several bouts of crazy, damaging hail. Since then, I’ve seen cars that now have the surface texture of golf balls. My car only got a few hail dents, for which I consider myself quite fortunate – maybe now I’ll stop cursing that messy tree I park under?!

Anyway, my insurance agent mentioned that I would be contacted by the “Catastrophe Team.” Just a few short hours later, I saw this (although not my insurance company) set up in a parking lot in one of the harder hit areas:

My goodness, I won a few more contests! First, I was one of the lucky winners of Karen’s birthday haiku contest. Did Karen do a great job nailing my interests or what?! Thank you, Karen!

“Oh no, wee black kitties trapped in plastic!” -Mayhem

The wee black kitty magnets were rescued from their plastic peril, but were immediately imperiled again as Chaos wandered by.

*dum de dum de dum* -Chaos

“Big kitty, be careful!” -Mayhem

I also won Kerry’s bird naming contest by… not naming her birds. *blink blink* Kerry let me choose from a gorgeous array of sock yarn – this particular skein (STR in “Lagoon”) will make perfect socks for a family member who loves STR socks… Thanks, Kerry!

“Big kitty, can you smell it? This yarn has been near birds! Maybe there’s a bird hiding in it…” -Mayhem

“Has anyone ever mentioned that you’re a bit excitable, Mayhem?” -Chaos