Things that made me happy today

  • Gorgeous weather
  • Walking around Lake of the Isles, listening to Bake-Neko (my old ipod shuffle)
  • Taking a different route to my catsitting gig
  • Finding a used Leonard Cohen cd I didn’t have and have never heard
  • Identifying the record store clerk from his voice as a DJ on my favorite radio station
  • Buying a perfect iced soy mocha from Anodyne at 43rd and remembering how much I like that coffeeshop
  • Making a u-turn and going to Madwoman Foods, a relatively new gluten-free bakery (although they’ve been selling frozen items for a while)
  • Eating a piece of gluten-free carrot cake
  • Picking up one of their bumper stickers for my filing cabinet

  • Taking a picture of this posh treehouse, finally – I think you’ll have to click on the picture to see the circled satellite dish…

  • Watching May looking out the window while I wrote this

“I’m sure I could catch those birds if only this darn screen wasn’t here.” -Mayhem

  • Not having to go to work on Monday! 🙂

43 thoughts on “Things that made me happy today”

  1. It was a FANTASTIC day here today, too. There oughta be a law that Sundays (and all accompanying Mondays off) should be so. Have a great Memorial Day!

  2. Aaaahhhh, the dreaded screen.

    My Milo figured out how to open our *sliding* screen door the other day. I’m still not sure how he managed it, but cats continue to amaze me.

  3. Sounds like a great day!

    Don’t all treehouses come with satellite dishes? Because EVERYONE watches TV! Don’t they? 😉

    Cool find on the Leonard Cohen CD! Jazzed.

  4. May looks like you caught her doing something wrong 🙂

    I can’t believe that treehouse has a satelitte dish; sounds like something you’d find in my town!

  5. Wow, you had a great day! AND you posted on Sunday!!

    Um. Why did you tell me about the bakery stuff?!? Hmmm, wonder if they’d deliver to Toronto?!


  6. Yes but does the treehouse have an intercom back to the house for ordering lunch?? Cable TV, phone service, huh??

    Jon – get off the computer…..

    Sorry Chris, someone else took over the controls for a while. Everything is back to normal now.

  7. I love that treehouse! What a great way to keep the kids out of the parents’ hair.

    47th & Nicollet, eh? Our first house was at 43rd and Wentworth. A fun little neighborhood.

  8. I had a similar situation, although I embarrassed myself – I recognized a local DJ by voice at a local record store, and then told him he “sounded like Emo Phillips”. I didn’t realize he had had a stroke in the past and that he had been rehired afterwards. D’oh!

  9. Ha! The satellite dish on the tree house! You should’ve seen some of the places out west…junkyards/trailers/who knows what, but they had their dish! Maybe you should make maenad muffins. (maenad being one of my favorite words…your muffin version could be gluten free)

  10. Sounds like a great day! Quite the posh treehouse, indeed. My cats used to try to hunt pigeons through the window screen at my old apt. I’m pleased to report that they never succeeded.

  11. Wow, that is one outfitted tree house! I suppose that is one way to get the kids out of the house without them annoying the neighbors… Hmm, maybe I need to suggest the house up the street add a dish to their tree house…

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