Ok, so the snow was gone by the end of the day yesterday, but still…

…it’s just so, so wrong to have snow this early.

“Big kitty, look! Look outside! Thousands of little white birds falling out of the sky!” -Mayhem

“Mayhem, that’s snow. We go through this every year.” -Chaos

“Hmph.” -Mayhem’s tail

“Definitely birds. The big kitty’s just dumb. Mom, why won’t you open the window so I can get closer to the pretty fluffy white birds?” -Mayhem

33 thoughts on “Ok, so the snow was gone by the end of the day yesterday, but still…”

  1. We’re supposed to get wet snow showers on Wednesday, but around here, the snow doesn’t really start sticking until the end of December. January is a whole ‘nother story, though…January is a rough month. February too. Good thing they’re still a ways away.

  2. Thankfully, your snow was our rain!! Man, our grass still requires cutting…

    Snow in early October – ack!

    Those are snowbirds you see Chaos. 😉

  3. I love the snow! I know, I am one of the crazy ones, but it is so pretty! And I love looking at trees covered in snow! It is a little early though, I have to agree, but it is sure pretty to look at!

  4. It could be entertaining to see May walk through the snow. She’d pick up her foot to see why its cold, find a few little “feather” stuck to it and head back home in a hurry!

  5. Early snow amuses me, but then I love the snow… at least until the end of February, then I begin to dislike it, more and more as April approaches…

  6. Well….it’s pretty, at least. If you get snow three weeks from now, post more pictures, would you? I like birthday snow, but we don’t get that here.

    (If I’m someplace where the city/town/college clears the surfaces I need to walk/drive on, I like snow. Otherwise…not so much.)

  7. I remember one year when we got 18″ of snow in mid-October. It was an interesting drive to work, but also kind of fun (I had an old 4wd truck at the time). And then after I got to work, the Governor issued a statement that State employees could stay home.

  8. It is very early for snow! At least it looked pretty if you don’t think about it being cold and wet. Mayhem needs some remedial meteorology lessons.

  9. I remember growing up in Northeast IOwa that we always had snow on the ground by the end of October and it didn’t leave until April. Things have definitely changed, has global warming made us Northerners soft?

  10. We got some snow up here in the North, but it melted pretty fast. My silly cat thought he wanted to go outside but he was just kidding himself. 😀

  11. Mel – that brings back memories!! I was a Senior in college that year and they actually closed campus (which was totally unheard of for my school). We eventually ended up heading to my adviser’s house (he had kids and therefore food!) and shoveling out the gigantic driveway in exchange for a meal. 🙂

    Chris – we still have snow on the ground down in Cottage Grove. Not much, mind you, but the lawn and roofs are still mostly white.

  12. i agree! my mom (in NH) had snow but it was gone by noon. I swear i saw a few flakes fall this morning, it smelled like it could snow but it was 45 out! now just rain and wind…. it’s only mid october!

  13. That last picture made me laugh…I always think it’s hilarious when cats put their ears back. It’s the ultimate “we are not pleased” posture.

  14. Oh… I am so loving up those pictures right now!!! We hardly ever every get to see snow down here… Love it… and love the kitties!!! Hope the snow did not disturb your day to much!!! LOL!
    Have a great tomorrow!

  15. The weather guys around here bandied about the snow word, but it doesn’t look very promising. We’ll be getting a cold rain instead. I’d rather have snow – it is more fun to run in.

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