Art Journaling Monday!

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday! Γ°ΕΈβ„’β€š

“I am not pleased about having to share your lap with the big kitty, Mom!” -Mayhem

*hunkered down and not going anywhere, complete with possessive claw out [lower left]* -Chaos

8 thoughts on “Art Journaling Monday!”

  1. I love those lap cats πŸ™‚

    Your pumpkin looks great. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you do in your art class. It is such a great idea.

  2. Great art journal pages! I always like the rainbow colored ones, but your pumpkin is cool! Glad you have found a good art class.

    I suggest you don’t drink any liquids when the kitties are on your lap. If you had to get up…

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