Ebook Giveaway: His One and Only by Shawn Lane [CONTEST CLOSED]

Congrats to Renee, who won the copy of The Onion Girl by Charles de Lint, and to Lily, who won the copy of Double Shot Cappuccino by Stephani Hecht (which was released on Sunday)!

Many thanks to Shawn Lane for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming m/m romance, His One and Only (Only, Book 4), for a lucky reader to win! His One and Only will be released by Amber Quill Press on June 20.

The moment former art teacher Drew Richards spots gorgeous African-American lawyer Mark Stevens at a party, he is intrigued. Though rebuffed at first, a persistent Drew convinces Mark they can be friends at least.

After the death of his partner, Mark buried himself in work, a habit he can’t seem to break…until he meets Drew. The short, dark-haired Drew is not Mark’s usual sort, but he finds the man way too appealing, and before he knows it, he and Drew become more than friends.

Since Mark’s been out of the dating scene for a long while, he can’t help but make a few missteps in their growing relationship. But Drew is looking for a serious commitment. Can he become Mark’s one and only?

Excerpt (scroll down)

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About Shawn

Shawn Lane writes erotic gay romances and believes love and passion know no boundaries. Happily Ever After is for everyone.

Shawn lives in California and holds down a boring day job in a legal department of a giant corporation dreaming of the nights and weekends when she can create new stories.

Shawn loves to hear from readers, is happy to answer any questions, and has been known to send free books to fans just because.

You can visit Shawn online at her website or at her blog.

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  1. Still doing a happy dance about winning The Onion Girl!

    Thank you, Chris, and thank you Mary Ann and Charles.

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  5. I’m entering the contest. I have Shawn Lane’s works on my wishlit. I look forward in reading them.

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