Errors in knitting judgment, part the first

Admit it – every knitter makes ’em, right?? So why not share those knitting judgment errors for the edification amusement of all, eh?

Item: The “Gimme 5” vest, which was the cover pattern for the Fall 2002 edition of Knitters magazine.

When: September 2002. Knitting with big yarn on size 17 needles, it took only five days to complete.

Judgment Errors: Knitting a vest in the first place, since I don’t ever wear vests. Additionally, while I did fall in love with Jacquetta’s fun handspun yarn in the skein, neither the colorway nor the thick’n’thin yarn were really me. Plus – what was I thinking with the whole dropstitch thing?!

Fate: To be dropped off at the thrift store this week, after lurking around unworn for six years.

“What are you doing, big kitty?” -Mayhem

“What does it look like I’m doing, May?” -Chaos

“It looks like you’ve lost your furry little mind, big kitty. Are you ok?” -Mayhem

“I am… luring you in!” *attacks* -Chaos

“Hee hee – you’re such a sucker, May.” -Chaos

“Eeeeep!” -Mayhem

Before everyone starts clamoring for the vest to become a kitty bed, the drop stitches proved too tempting for Mayhem. I did rescue the vest before she gnawed any holes in it.

34 thoughts on “Errors in knitting judgment, part the first”

  1. I have two sweaters sitting in a pile in my bedroom waiting to be put in a box to goodwill. Get out the bad…start something new. What’s in that vest? The kitties sure like it!

  2. Ugh, I’ve so been there… I’ll have to think up one of the ickiest, and post it next time around.

    The guys have had the plushest/softest/fuzziest, etc. cat beds thanks to “errors in knitting judgement”.


  3. I dropped off an error in judgement at Goodwill not too long ago. Perhaps some knitter will find it and reuse the yarn. Or blog about it, saying they found a really bad sweater — look, who would have made such thing…

  4. i have 3 errors just waiting to be frogged. the first was a shawl that had no size chart to figure out which size for me (or actually daughter) yarns prob cost near 100.00 by the end of knitting and the thing is so big it could be used as a xmas tree skirt! the other 2 projects were tanks but styled in a way no woman with boobs and bras would look flattering in it! smile. I did see a really cute one skein bootie sock pattern yesterday knit with that super chunky yarn. Looked quite cozy for winter!

  5. The similarity to bibs was lost on Chaos.

    Dropped stitches are the beginnings of LACE. Seriously.

    Put me down for a “felt it” vote. Cut it into a couple of Cat Cuddler shapes and off to the Humain Society. 90 minutes.

  6. My errors in knitting judgement vest got half done before I realized I’d never wear it AND it was coming out ugly. And I hated the yarn. So it’s wadded up in a bag somewhere.

  7. I think Chaos just proved that getting into the knitting, if it’s on HIS terms, is okay. Bibs? No – NOT his idea…
    Poor May, find another toy, hon…!

  8. I had one huge error in knitting judgment that got delivered to the thrift store. I didn’t take any pictures of it beforehand, though. That particular case was a Bad Yarn Substitution Choice… Can we say horrid gauge? The row were okay, but the thing ended up about 2 times wider than it should have.

  9. Chris- This is so not your fault- Knitter’s Magazine has been plunging downward for years- and has hit rock bottom.

    If I steel myself to browse through at the bookstore- to see just how low they can go- I pinch it between my thumb and forefinger- icky!

  10. I know. Vests seem like such a good idea. Small investment of yarn! No sleeves! But I hate wearing them, even if they don’t have dropped stitches. I realized this years ago, after making a few, and now make myself stop whenever I linger on a vest pattern for even a second.

  11. LOL – I made a couple of those too!.. (and they went to the thrift store last summer) I consider them in the category of “what was I thinking?!”

    Jacquetta’s yarn is wonderful! I’ve had the chance to meet her at local spinning conferences. She’s a sweet person, who’s great at encouraging other spinners.

  12. I have the same problem w/shawls. I like to knit them – not so much wear them.

    See how Chaos has steeled himself to model anything for you? That cat loves you.;)

  13. So they’ll “model” vests but not bibs. Perhaps you should consider woolen bibs.

    We all have some of those projects. But thanks for the reminder to stay alert. Raglan sleeve sweater projects are always calling me, and I look awful in raglan sleeves.

  14. It takes time to let things go! At least it’s just a vest, not a sweater coat. I swear, Chaos and Mayhem are the most curious cats ever.

  15. You’ve been knitting with catnip again, huh? It usually takes me a couple of years before I send my mistake knitting off to the thrift shop. Course I probably would have considered letting Chaos and May have it. I like to wear vests but I’m particular about the design.

  16. Hey there Chris! I’m so glad you rescued your vest before the cats got it. I lost my last cat in a freak accident. Mustafa chewed a hole in a new sweater, and swallowed the yarn. He couldn’t pass it, as it got knotted in his intestines, and the operation wasn’t guaranteed to save him.

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