Bibbity boppity boo

Whew! I wove in the ends and sewed the button on the second bib during my lunchtime pedicure on Friday. I even had enough time to drop the bibs in the mail before heading back to lunch.

I know, kinda boring. Here’s the “artistic” shot:

Lest you think that this lunchtime finish meant the kitties escaped bib free – I did finish the first bib around 11 pm Thursday night.

“Oh oh – I sure don’t like the look of that. I’m outta here!” -Mayhem

“Well, drat.” -Mayhem

“Ok, now I’m really outta here! Run away! Run away! Rampaging bib on the loose! -Mayhem

29 thoughts on “Bibbity boppity boo”

  1. Poor Mayhem!!! That last photo shows her in what most would think is a compromising position. You’d better not expect any nice birthday gifties from those kitties! (though I do like the idea of the bibs driving you off to the post office).

  2. It does kinf of look like may might need a few squares of “Shit Happens” in that last photo. I can’t believe she let you post that!

  3. I just finished a bib with the orange and yellow yarn; I love the bright colors!

    Poor Mayhem, she’s just not fast enough to escape the bib 🙂

  4. I think there’s some underlying issues here…. Um, Mom gets a pedicure at lunchtime??? When do the kittehs get theirs? Hmmmm? LOL Your bibs do always look awesome.

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