In which we welcome the googly-eyed black cat bowl

This’ll be brief – I was recuperating from a migraine yesterday during my blog-writing time…

Obsidian Kitten sent the most wonderful bowl for Chaos and Mayhem:

*sniff sniff sniff* “Does this smell like the lovely Isis and Morgan and Emma?” -Chaos

If you can’t read the card, there’s a cat looking up at his catstaff, with a dead rat on the carpet between them, and saying, “Make ratatouille.” Hee hee.

Obsidian Kitten also sent a Cat Dancer toy. Although Mayhem wasn’t much interested in the toy while it was in its packaging, she was very into it after it was opened. Pictures tomorrow or next week. Thank you so much, Obsidian Kitten!!

“Hmm – this looks very interesting…” -Chaos

“Whatevah, big kitty. I’m outta here.” -Mayhem