Can’t blog – taxes ate my brain…

Lynne’s having a “one year since first flying to the US” contest – explain three differences between the two pictured socks and you will be entered in a drawing for some yummy sock yarn and stitchmarkers. Contest closes 6 pm PDT, March 30.

Mim’s having a signs of spring contest. Post pictures of your favorite signs of spring, then let her know about it before 5 pm MDT, April 1, when she’ll randomly select someone to win a “yarn-y prize.”

It’s birthday month at Knittymama’s and she’s having a “best of 2008 so far” contest to celebrate. Leave her a comment with a link to the best knitting pattern/article/blog post/etc you’ve seen so far this year. On April 15, she’ll randomly select a winner to receive an adorable mini project bag or needle roll.

I actually had something to blog, but after finishing my taxes, my brain is utter mush. “Thanks” to Maryse for triggering this “must do taxes now!” thing. 😉 So let’s look at this nice picture of Chaos breathing deep the calming waves of Feliway feline pheromones, shall we? (See the little misty shadows on the left? That’s the stuff.)

“Ahhhhhhhh…” -Chaos

“Like, I feel totally mellow, dudes. You should try this stuff.” -Chaos

28 thoughts on “Can’t blog – taxes ate my brain…”

  1. OH boy, you are an enabler you know that? Poor May and Chaos don’t stand a chance when mom is their supplier. Chaos. May. Just say no.

  2. Taxes are a no brainer. Food, litter, and nip are can be deducted. We’re positive. Trust us. Put us under on the top and yourself under ‘Dependants’. No lying to Uncle Sam.

    Are you SURE about that spray stuff?-Millie

  3. Taxes suck. And maybe Raven needs the Feliway. He goes mental when he’s hungry. He goes mental right after a meal when he’s full. the boy seems to have only 2 modes-mental or asleep…..

  4. I take it he has stopped pulling out Mayhem’s fur in chunks? I can think of a couple of people at work I’d like to try that stuff on.

  5. Chaos Dude, I don’t need Feliway. If I were anymore mellow than I already am I’d be dirt napping. Nip is the only recreational drug I am allowed.

  6. Hmmm.. I wonder if they make Humiway. I could use some relaxing pheromones this week, and now you’ve got me thinking about the taxes I need to do.

  7. Wait a minute. Just how hard can your taxes be? A W-2, maybe a 1099 or two for bank interest and maybe some dividends; deduct your real estate taxes, mortgage interest, and charitables. Hint: you have no dependents, no matter how much you want to claim Chaos and May, and no, vet bills are NOT deductible.

    There. Done.

  8. mrspao, I don’t think Feliway is an aphrodisiac for people….but I WAS warned before plugging it in that I might be almost overcome by a desire to lick my own butt. (Fear not, Chris – that’s not true, and I have it plugged in a good deal of the time!) It does work nicely; Evangeline and Lilliane are much nicer to each other as long as it’s around.

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