Shhhh… Sleeping Princess Alert!

  • My poor brother – he celebrated his birthday Friday with stomach flu… exactly how he celebrated his birthday last year.
  • I’m trying to work up support for celebrating his birthday in July instead.
  • Yup, we picked those stores because they’re within walking distance.
  • We each got catnip slugs at Twin City Green (hmm, they’re $1.50 cheaper in the store and don’t have packaging).
  • The catnip slug has easily the most potent catnip ever in it.
  • The kitties love it with much bunny kicking and rubbing over their heads.
  • It was a day of strange conversations, with random strangers oversharing in Kowalski’s.
  • CJ and I also took a short walk through the neighborhood, but we got chilled pretty fast.
  • Before we wimped out (it was +19F/-7.2C) and walked to Spyhouse for hot cider, we saw this very interesting bus:

  • Here’s a closer look at the front:

  • Goth band? Punk rock band? Parking in a sedate residential neighborhood near Lake of the Isles? Huh.
  • Last Saturday I went over to Jeanne’s for dinner and took a really crappy picture (with my phone) of the Christmas spectacle next to her house.

  • Please note that this picture missed at least a half dozen glowing inflated snowpeople off to the left, plus the display that wrapped around the house, plus the loud Christmas music.
  • It’s much easier for Jeanne to give directions to her place in December: “Head toward the unearthly glow on the horizon…”
  • Recently, I was asked how to get avatars to show up in the comments. My blog uses gravatars (globally recognized avatars). You can register at Gravatar to create or upload your own gravatar and associate it with your email address(es). That’s it. After that, blogs that have gravatar support, such as many WordPress blogs, will display your gravatar next to your comments.
  • Wish me luck finishing my Christmas shopping over lunch today…
  • And try not to get too rowdy while you’re reading, ok? Mayhem’s catching up on her sleep.

“…..zzzzzzz…..” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “Shhhh… Sleeping Princess Alert!”

  1. Hehe I’m first!

    I wholeheartedly would recommend a July birthday – not to near other holidays and mostly lovely weather but I am biased 🙂 Hope he is feeling better now.

  2. No catnip slugs at this house! Can you imagine?!! (Ooops, my typing is waking up Malcolm…).

    The loud Christmas music would get really annoying after awhile.

    I hope your brother is feeling better! Ick.

  3. Your brother really needs to find a better birthday tradition! The stomach flu just doesn’t sound like a fun way to spend a birthday.

    Yikes, poor Jeanne! Do her neighbors turn their lights off at a reasonable hours so she can sleep?

  4. Oh, poor bro! Tell him the blog sends its healing thoughts.

    Oh, yeah, and take the slug away from Mayhem – these public pictures of drug overdosed kittehs are very embarassing for soft, panther princess reputations.

  5. A July birthday date for brother!!! I vote yes! I can take the eye-searing lights, but loud music is a bit over the top, isn’t it? And, May? She must have just dropped where she was. Why else would she be up against the wall?

  6. Aw, your poor brother. That’s shitty, and two years in a row? That’s completely unfair. Hope he’s on the mend now.

    There is a house like that in my town – one that is like a beacon in the night. I’m surprised ships haven’t docked on the side of the road, what with all the glowing lights making it look like a goddamn forest fire. I feel sorry for the neighbours of people who go all out like that – they probably have to sleep with sunglasses on.

  7. Oh, look! The mystery bus!
    Our shopping trip was fun. The funny thing about the oversharing strangers was that they all overshared at the exact same time, it seemed like. Oversharing strangers need to space out their oversharing. Good luck on the rest of your shopping!

  8. My wife and I agreed to celebrate our birthdays in June since hers has a lot of bad memories associated with it and mine is Sept 12. It’s not like there is any special magic (IMO) that actually happens on your birthday that can’t happen on some other day of the year. It has really made birthdays much more relaxing and fun.

  9. I try to celebrate one of my friends birthdays in June or July, because she was born the day after Christmas. I think it makes her feel more noticed and cared for when it isn’t tacked onto a holiday in a season where people are getting partied out.

  10. Being sick is no way to celebrate anything. Poor boy. We’ve been trying to drive by the big obnoxious Christmas house in our neighborhood (he broadcasts over the radio so the neighbors don’t hate him TOO much), but the street has been too crowded.
    Panther Princesses deserve a lot of beauty sleep.
    Happy Solstice!

  11. Poor brother. Poor Jeanne.

    I will be in the TC today to pick up Andrew at the airport. Maybe we can stop by Twin Cities Green for a couple slugs for our kittehs — thanks!

  12. I think you have the plan right Chris – definately a celebration in July…

    And some make up ones as well – so July, august, sept should just be right…

    It too warm in London for the snow to stick but I love seeing it come down…. I hope you are keeping warm…

    At least May is doing her Diva stufff…

    Happy shopping hon…


  13. Knitting Hubby’s birthday was the 17th. Yes it would be easier in the summer! We have a house like that down the street from me and we can hear the holiday music INSIDE our house.

  14. Sorry about your poor brother.
    Are those catnip slugs just a tube of fabric filled with catnip? Seems to me I have an overabundance of fat quarters in the basement left over from my quilting days.

  15. Mayhem obviously has a catnip hangover.

    And I finished my Christmas shopping at lunch today! Now if I can get the Christmas knitting done….

  16. Huge thank you for the gravitar link. As for the lit up house – I wouldn’t want to live near anyone like that. There is holiday spirit and there is overkill. How in the world could someone sleep with all that light shining in your windows? (Hugs)Indigo

  17. Wow, that looks rather like “The House That Christmas Puked On” over in Logan Square.

    Mmmm… hot cider. 🙂 BTW, I highly recommend a great (GF) hard cider from Michigan — JK’s Solstice Hard Cider:

    Cinnamon, maple, and vanilla, oh my!

  18. Awww;

    Mayhem is just so darn cute Chris! Cool pictures. I think that Christmas light one turned out really well for taking it on a cell phone.

    Great post as always.

  19. I hope you were able to get your Christmas finished. I have a few more to get still.

    Sorry about your bro, I hope he gets better quick so Christmas isn’t a bust also. Now I know why your veri word was so freaky! But very fitting.

    Oh, sorry Mayhem! I didn’t mean to type so loud. 😉

  20. Yeah, I think moving your brother’s birthday is an excellent idea.

    Poor Jeanne. Our neighborhood is actually not very decorated this year. Plus we only had music one night, all night but only one night.

    Looks like May gave up on lap napping and went for the floor instead.

  21. Ahhh, the princess looks so very sweet when snuggled up like that.
    and that bus – a chilly place to live in only 19 degrees eh?

    Hope you stay toasty warm through the snow storm predicted for you today…

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