The Obviously Eternal Travelogue

In the last installment of the eternal vacation, I was driving down from Estes Park to stay with Kristi and Drew in Ft. Collins for a few days. We had a great time! (Well, Kristi and I did; Drew carried on with his usual workaday schedule and joined us for tasty dinners out.)

Kristi and I hiked Coyote Ridge.

We got a tour of Interweave Press and met Sandi and Erin of Knitting Daily.

We went to the Swetsville Zoo.

We enjoyed many lovely coffee beverages and blogged on the street.

We visited bookstores and yarn stores.

And on Wednesday morning, I got back in my car and drove north and east into the wilds of Nebraska.

“Mom, the big kitty and I wish you would stop talking about that horrible time you call ‘vacation.'” -Mayhem

30 thoughts on “The Obviously Eternal Travelogue”

  1. Chris- Ah, Webs. The Emerald City of yarn stores. Lost my mind, and my cash there last year.
    Looks like you covered alot of ground on that vacation.

    Chaos says, there’s no place like home.

  2. Um, so is that THE Brown Sheep Wool Co.?? Cooooool.

    And lotsa coffee…mmmmmmm…

    May looks so sweet and cuddly in that pic, and totally disgusted at the same time.

  3. Oh, I think you’re putting words into little May’s head…she is so clearly suffering from withdrawal symptoms from one of her many addictions!!!!! Love the zoo pics! Ar-ooooo, coyote ridge, did you see any??

  4. Great photos! You went to Brown Sheep! Did you get a tour there too? I love their yarns and colors.

    Mayhem probably didn’t like you going on vacation because there was no one to give her catnip…she’s looking a little grouchy in the photo.

  5. “Coffee is a fleeting moment and a fragrance.”

    I like that one. 🙂

    And where are the pictures of the Brown Sheep Haul? Is it so big that you’re embarrassed to show it?

  6. How cool that you got to go to interweave!!

    Oh & the art is so cool!!

    Thanks for the info on the swaps & for mentioning my little contest! 😉

  7. Well even though the puddy tats were quite horrified at your leaving on this so-called vacation, it does appear that you had an absolutely lovely time.

    Thanks for sharing all your vacation photos!

  8. what great photos…BTW…what IS a vacation? I’ve heard of them before and may even have a vaque memory of taking one at some time in my life….I’ll just vicariously via yours 😉

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