Now with even more thank yous!

I knew I had more thank yous to do! Here’s the previously mentioned cute stationery from Elspeth (thanks again, E!), although I’m not sure I’ll actually ever get to use it – Ms. Mayhem seems a bit proprietary about it, doesn’t she?

“Hey, I have a lot of letters to write if Mom ever gets out from under my feet and works from the office again.” -Mayhem

I won a prize over at Diva Knitting. Thanks, StitchDiva!

“Mmmmm… yarny yarn.” -Mayhem

KitKatKnit sent me some fun goodies. I haven’t tried A Piece of Vermont yarn before. She also sent me some cute stitchmarkers that she made (Chaos is apparently trying to steal the one with his name on it) and a very cute black kitty necklace. Thank you so much, KitKatKnit! How did you know that I was looking at those necklaces on vacation, but never found one that I liked?!

“Mmm… stitchmarkers.” -Chaos

“Mmm… glow sheep!” -Mayhem

Glow sheep? Yes indeed.

“It isn’t as flat as that other sheep, but it isn’t very lively, either. Do you think maybe it’s just too scared to move? I am scary.” -Mayhem

Finally, I participated in the Sound Swap that Jennie organized. I sent music and treats to Clare in the UK, and received music and treats from Raches in Australia. Raches sent me a great mix cd, some tea, a journal, self-patterning sock yarn, and incredibly lovely merino-cashmere sock yarn. YUM! Thank you, Raches!

“Hmm, I wonder if I should start keeping a diary? I wouldn’t want Mom or the big kitty to peek at it…” -Mayhem

34 thoughts on “Now with even more thank yous!”

  1. Wow, everyday is like Christmas and your birthday rolled into one! Such cool stuff, and I love the glow in the dark sheep, hee hee.

    Cashmere merino sock yarn? Oh. Wow.

  2. Cat diary: Today I napped, woke up and had breakfast, played, used the litter box, napped, stretched, played, napped, played, napped, used the litter box, napped, alternated between ignoring and bothering the human who thinks this is her house, ate, played, napped, used the little box, and napped.Gee I hope I’m not as busy tomorrow.

  3. Such treasures! Those are some great packages. Those baby photos of Mayhem are absolutely darling too. Man, they outgrow that tiny kitten stage so fast!!

  4. Chris- I’m a bit of a closet stationary junkie myself. Maybe snail mail and the written word will come back in style.

    I like the glowy sheep!

  5. wow lots of nice gifties!

    those kitties are two funny …they are into everything…

    hope you are getting my good vibes of health and that you are doing well.

  6. May is indeed taken with the stationary. It is great, I can see why! I keep meaning to ask, may I share the Coffee Mix with Catalyst Coffee (where we went for SnB)? Someone else gave them a coffee mix and there isn’t a duplicate to be had between the two! Go figure!

  7. Do you have to wait for the kitties to notice the goodies laying around, or do they charge right over and pose for you? I’m impressed, either way!

  8. Lovely swap goodies! That Sound Swap was just an awesome idea — I hope it happens again.

    Hope you’re feeling better, Chris!

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