Book Giveaway: It Happened One Night by Lisa Dale [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to the Hatchette Book Group for providing five copies of Lisa Dale’s new romance, It Happened One Night, for me to give away!

It Happened One Night

Sometimes love finds you when you least expect it.
Lana Biel has always wanted to shake the dust of Vermont off her feet and see the world, one exotic country after another. But when a lighthearted spring fling changes her life forever, she turns to the one man whose strong shoulders can lighten any burden: her best friend, Eli Ward.

Eli has always been there for Lana–after all, that’s what best friends do. But Lana isn’t the only one hiding something. Eli is keeping secrets of his own that threaten their relationship. Yet as summer turns to fall, new desires awaken between them, even as old fears tear them apart. Then, when another Vermont winter fills the valleys with snow, Eli and Lana are given the chance for an adventure greater than they ever dreamed possible…and a love that will last for all time.

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Good luck!

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48 thoughts on “Book Giveaway: It Happened One Night by Lisa Dale [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Morning to you Ma’am!!! Hope you had a great weekend! No need to enter me in this contest, I just bought this book this weekend! But of course you know I will be pimping you out when I get home this afternoon!!!
    Good luck to all!!!

    Oh what a great profile of May!! I love how she is trying to NOT look at you!!!

  2. *scritch the kitty ears*

    I am entering this contest because, although I know titles aren’t copyrightable, I feel like I have to read any book with the same title as one of the best movies of all time….

  3. “lighthearted spring fling”
    so either she’s preggers (I just read one where the heroin was preggers and that was “odd” but not unrealistic) OR she lost an eye! (my current read – only the hero is wearing the eye patch) At any rate Count me In! 🙂

  4. ha ha ha… love the stalwart May, refuses to look… but I bet I can make her, if I shouted “treats”.
    and what the heck, yes, go ahead and enter me for the romance… I’m always down for a good love story.

  5. Count me in too! Thanks!

    PS How do you manage to take such great photos of your little black cat? I don’t have that knack!

  6. This sounds like a really good book, one I’d like to read. Please enter me. Thanks!


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