Lumping it along with linkity

Serious Harry is serious!

Here we have Polly trying to make the best of what is obviously a too-small fabric basket…

…or is it??? Good job, Polly!

4 thoughts on “Lumping it along with linkity”

  1. Dissonant Kitchen House: THE WOOD! OMG THE WOOD!!!

    Lovely Vic House: THE WOOD! THE BAR! OMG THE BAR!!!

    Parts House: The wood? MEH, it’s wood.

    Third Eye House: San Francisco FTMOTP!*

    Very Strange House: Okay, it’s oddly laid out, and angular but with weirdly place curvy stairs and counters, and lots of head bumpy ceilings, and why have a shower attachment in a tub you can’t stand up in – with no shower curtain. But at only $250k, there’s got to be more than that haunting it. Oh, right. KC, MO.

    Boob House: “It’s gated, which is kind of cool.” Cool, but fully encaged would be even cooler.

    Well Then house: “Honey, better start another addition to the house. We haven’t run out of ugly yet!”

    Kitten’s Comment: “Chris, better start another Linkety Post. I haven’t run out of opinions yet!”

    Weirdness House: When they opened Door #2 and it was a bathroom, was I the only one who thought the Door #1 was also going to be a bathroom? Really? Was I?

    Huzzah, Huzzah! New categories: Toilets than can kill you! Stairs that can envenomate you!

    *Middle Of The Pack – not the winner today

  2. I’d heard that about library ebooks. I’ve been trying to borrow physical copies when I can instead of ebooks so that I don’t help contribute to the problems (and so that the book is available to be borrowed by people who can’t get to the library to check out the physical book) but that’s not a long-term viable solution.

    Okay, I get that the rich AF house is not *my* dream house so it’s no surprise that I don’t like all of it. But really, I think the only part I actually *like* is the library.

    That converted mill is neat, but the bulk of the space doesn’t really look livable to me. But, imagine the parties you could throw there.

    The pastel lime green house is kinda neat. But my first thought was that the inside and outside were originally painted the same bright colors, and the outside got bleached out by the sun.

    Hey wow, you found a dome house that I actually like! Very cool. Um… yeah… I mean the one in MN. The boob house is more like the usual kind of dome house you post, and I do NOT like that one.

    LOL. Rattlesnake stairs is a new version of stairs that can kill you. Though, to be fair, at least the rattlesnakes will warn you before they strike. Most stairs that can kill you are silent killers.

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