Drip dyeing away

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Our Further Adventures in Dyeing
Deb has already posted her account of our Saturday dyeing adventures. I sure couldn’t tell she started her day off with a migraine – it certainly didn’t impair her gracious hostessing abilities one bit! (If you ever have the chance to eat at Deb’s, do it.)

Here’s Jeanne, doing a little dye organization – alas, you can’t see her cute haircut. (Deb, you’ll thank me for not posting the picture I took of you.)

We dyed a lot of yarn.

I did have a mission, so I was cranking through the yarn and went well outside of my usual palette. I’ll wait for you all to recover from the shock.

Sorry about the color in that picture – I swear, every time I’ve tried to take yarn pictures for the past several days, clouds have swept across the sun. I was trying to get the lime green to show up better… Maybe this is a bit better – no touch ups at all.

Here’s what the pink and brown skein on the far left looked like reskeined. I haven’t reskeined any of the others yet.

“What the heck?! Are you using me as a prop again?!” -Chaos

“I’m so disappointed in you, Mom.” -Chaos

48 thoughts on “Drip dyeing away”

  1. Wow, those are so gorgeous. Some day I’m going to be able to tag along on dye day and see how this is all done.

  2. Oh, those are great! I love the pink and blue one, oh and the one with the lime green! They all look great.

    Chaos. Didn’t you see what happened to me when I went over to say hi to my Mom on the weekend? She put a whole sweater on me! You got away easy with just a skein. Still – what a PITA though, huh? – Atticus

  3. Oh, but Chaos, those colors look simply smashing on you!
    Chris, beautiful, that’s really all I can say, simply beautiful. They are all lovely, perhaps Chaos wouldn’t mind modeling a few more reskeined?

  4. It is nice to wander outside the normal palette on occasion. We all usually wander back 🙂

    I do like that pink and brown one.

  5. Your yarn turned out great! I like the pink & brown one a lot, though I usually don’t go in for that combo. Maybe it’s the furry prop that makes it, haha.

  6. Thanks for not posting the picture I didn’t see but surely don’t want posted. What do you mean when you say you’ve “re-skein” the yarn?

  7. Awesome colors!! I’m intrigued by dying (and spinning)..but barely managing knit time right now so *must*resist*must*resist*….Love the burst of lime…very cool.

  8. I woke up this morning and didn’t know what the word reskeining meant. Now I do.

    I’m listening to Boxer right now, yet another strong suggestion – thanks!

  9. Chris- As far as music goes, I’m stuck between the 80’s and some sort of coffin/death music my son listens to.

    The yarn is awesome. And a huge pat on the back for going out of your comfort zone. You see, there is a world beyond black and purple.

    (shhh, don’t tell the kitties!)

  10. Poor Chaos has to be the prop for the pink skein. 🙂

    All of the skeins turned out nice. Good dye job! I like the lime green skein and the red skein the best.

  11. Those are lovely! (Must. Not. Get. Into. Dying.) I agree, it’s fun to get outside of your comfort colors – I have been, too, but on a smaller scale. (AKA one skein at a time.)

  12. It looks like you had a great weekend — all those gluten-free treats and super dyeing! Love the pretty colors.

    I personally think the pink and brown skein looks great with Chaos’ fur! Definitely his colors!

  13. Isn’t dyeing fun!?! It’s always so great to watch the yarn transform, especially when you get those pleasant surprises that you totally didn’t plan… I really like all of the colorways especially the one with the lime green 🙂 For some reason I have a ‘thing’ for bright colors lately…

  14. I love that pink/red yarn in the middle! I need to find some dyeing buddies myself.

    I didn’t realize the swap was from Swap-bot (I didn’t see it under music swaps yesterday), so now I’m signed up! I have such a huge list that doesn’t correspond to your list that I’ve got to do it now!

  15. Love the dye jobs! Have been thinking of overdying some of the stash, including some that is cream colored… The kitty music swap sounds fun, will you put up a list of the great stuff folks find at some point? (I don’t want to join this one…too much to do, and I have all these dog songs!)

  16. Oh, so pretty! And not all purple! No wonder Chaos was so taken aback.

    He’s a lovely model. Those handsome boys are so mooody though.

  17. WOW you and your dye friends have a great collection of colors. Do you co-op or does one person own them all? I bring Raspberry, Rosemary (not the cat) and Oak to our dye parties. Can’t wait to see what you do with the purple to a little pink skien.

  18. I love those yarns! Where did you get all the dyeing info? I don’t know but when I tried it, all colours bled into each other…

  19. Yay for hand-dyed yarn! It’s fun isn’t it? Be careful though, you’ll be opening a store and swimming in yarn before you know it…

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