Rain, rain, go away… (Now with bonus rain contest!) CONTEST CLOSED

Thanks to everyone who played in my contest for Show No Fear! As soon as I’ve heard back from all the winners, I’ll post the list. And stop back Friday for another book giveaway. 🙂

Gah. I’m trying to remember the last time I saw the sun. I think it was Saturday, September 26… Rumour has it we might see it today, but I’m not getting my hopes up.

*insert seemingly abrupt topic change that will tie in soon enough*

Unless you’ve been reading for a long time, you might not know that I’m a bit of music head. One of the things I’m good at is putting together thematic music mix cds. To distract me from the rain and the corresponding pain in my sinuses, I’m putting together a rain music mix cd that I’ll send to two random commenters, along with their choice of one of the following pre-existing mixes: Coffee, Colors, Everybody Wants To Be a Cat, Forest for the Trees, It’s Tough Being a Kid, Technology, The Dark, Time, Vampire Life, Werewolf Moon, or Winter.

To participate in the contest, leave a comment on this post by Monday, October 12, 6 pm CDT. In your comment, you must tell me which second mix you would choose to go along with the rain mix, should you win.

“Iz my Supreme Panther Princess of the Universe Tiaraâ„¢. Love and cheek rubs!” -Mayhem

41 thoughts on “Rain, rain, go away… (Now with bonus rain contest!) CONTEST CLOSED”

  1. Your song mixes sound intriguing! We have been in and out of the rain. It just feels like early November here in St. Louis. Yuck. And the SPPUT, May, looks lovely with her tiara. How much damage would she do if you put it on her???

  2. Your song mixes are great! I’ll take Coffee.
    Mayhem, I’ve had a tiara in my car to send to you, but haven’t had a minute to do so. I might need to keep it since I’ve been a queen (with staff waiting on me) for weeks now. Rain, Rain go away…

  3. I’ve got to get a tiara for Shelli, although I think it’d have to be a “Supreme Neurotic Spastic Panther Princess Tiara” ;). I would definitely want the “Everybody Wants to be a Cat” mix as my second were I to win. Hope you have a good day!!

  4. Your kid mix is wonderful – but Cricket wants one for herself, so I guess we’ll take the kitty one!

    (Cricket wants to give a ‘shout out’ to her black-kitty buddies.)

  5. Let’s see…I have the kitty one, and the mixed one you brought me. So…I think “Time” might be a good second choice.

    You must have chosen the best time to visit. Because once you left, it started raining and becoming MUCH cooler. I haven’t seen the sun in awhile either.

  6. Rain mix sound very interesting. Being the paranormal buff that I am I will have to chose Vampire Life. It was either that or Werewolf Moon! Decisions, decisions!

  7. Rain rain go away!!!
    Oh, music mixes! I will take Vampire Life. Very interested to see what that sounds like! =)

    Oh Mayhem has her crown for the day!
    I hope (besides the weather) you have a great day!

  8. That is such a cool idea! I might have to do something like that.. when school work or exams get me down, some good music that I know will keep me going! But you gave us some tough choices there, how dare you!

    I would have to say Winter or Vampire Life.. Alright, my vampire loving self is triumphing over my winter loving self, so if I really must pick… Vampire Life.

  9. Tomorrow we are supposed to have 2-4 inches of rain! But today is gorgeous, so that will be fine.

    But of course, Everybody Wants to bE a Cat

  10. I hope you see the sun today; there’s not much worse than weeks at a time without the sun!
    As for the mix, of course I’d have to choose Everybody Wants To Be a Cat.

  11. Send the rain my way (so what if the meteorologists would get all upset over weather moving from east to west)! It is so dry here. We’ve had one rain storm in September, first since April. But I hope you get sun!

    As for a second mix…so many sound intriguing, but I’d have to pick Everybody Wants to Be a Cat.

  12. Was it just yesterday it rained? Today is gorgeous! They’ll always be another rainy day to enjoy a CD mix, though. Two kittens at our house, so Everybody Wants to Be a Cat is second choice. Thanks!

  13. Yey a contest…
    What better juxtaposition to Rain than Colors…because in Seattle when the winter really does set in and it’s misty/rainin/gray? We are starved for colors.

  14. Goodie, another contest! It’s been rainy down here in Texas, too…I’d love a rainy day mix. I’d like “Colors,” too, if I win.

  15. All of those mixes sound awesome, but I think I’d have to go with Everybody Wants To Be a Cat, or my cat would never speak to me again.

    What? Don’t your cats speak to you?

  16. So many choices! Think I’ll choose Werewolf Moon.
    Is that a look of bliss on Mayhem’s face?

  17. Well since your Cat mix was my boys fave for a year and a half, I’d have to go with “It’s Tough Being a Kid” because right now it is tough being a kid at my house. Grrr.

  18. Since I run on solar power I too hate cloudy days–way too depressing. But at least you have your kitties for company.

    And my choice of a second mix (in honor of Halloween) is Vampire Life.

  19. Really, we have to choose one? They all look interesting. I’ll say Winter. Ooops, or Vampires… ooops or werewolf moon…. ooops or time…

  20. Rain! You have rain? We had snow on the 30th and several other days since, though the sun is shining brightly today. Maybe it is headed your way from Idaho. Set a record for the earliest snow here. I think I would choose Color, since we may not get any fall color here as the leaves had just barely begun to turn and now are likely frozen on the trees.

  21. It rained, and then was very windy, all the way from Columbus to Iowa City yesterday. And this weekend, the highs are supposed to be in the 40s!!! Yuck!!!

    And I think I would want the Coffee mix, to see if listening to it on the bus would replace actual caffeine…

  22. fun! i used to make mixes in the days of tape…but cd’s have miffed me on making them, without having my hand held through it by geek hubby or mini geek daughter! living in seattle a rain mix would be very appropriate! but my dark side comes through with yearning for a vampire mix as well! Now just go stick some homemade squash soup in the crock pot, get out a blankie and book and enjoy the rain!

  23. I already have your very excellent Coffee mix (which I highly recommend to anyone reading this). I’d be happy with anything else you’d want to send me. I’m curious to know what’s in the “Forest for the Trees” and “Technology” mixes…

  24. Everybody Wants To Be A Cat . . . isn’t that from the Aristocats? Needless to say, it is still the most appealing of the titles. And Miss May looks lovely (as always) with her tiara. I’m glad to see she enjoys it. 🙂

  25. I gotta go with It’s Tough Being a Kid. I am sure that is what my kids thought yesterday. They remind me of your cats, always into something with the look of “I didn’t do it, check with the other one!” And of course one of the other 4 always has the same look. They now say we have ghosts who knock the things over, or color on the walls, or glue things on the walls, or color on my table or countertops or carpet!

  26. You? A music head? No! 😉

    Your music mixes sound intriguing. I’d have to go with Winter as well, though they all sound interesting. I think that after the contest is over, you should post the playlists for each.

  27. How fun! “Colors” sounds like it would be my favorite after “Rain”. All of them would be interesting, though.

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