Dear Blog…

Don’t forget to leave a comment on the contest post before 7 pm CDT, Monday, August 17, for your chance to win a copy of Sandra Hill’s So Into You!

Last night work, exercise, and the pollen count conspired against you. Also, a cat may have eaten my homework. Or not. Anyway, I got nothin’ here except a very special picture of Chaos. Please feel free to caption amongst yourselves – I could use the giggles throughout the day!

Yours truly,


27 thoughts on “Dear Blog…”

  1. “I sware I didn’t eat your homework mom… PWEASE don’t take me to the vet… PWEASE?!?!?”- Chaos

  2. The gravity is weak on this side of the room – Must hold myself down and crawl to the food dish – so far away

  3. There was a time when I would have cared. *sigh* Hey May, I wonder if it’s true that the ancient Egyptians revered us as gods? Seriously. That must have SO.ROCKED. Anyhoo… *yawn* Oh, I think I’m stuck here. *YAWN* Oh well.

  4. “Tori took my pink tiara Mom…. So the claws are out! Did I just see a mouse?…”

    What can I say? You are way better at this than I am…


  5. Oh, these are really funny. Yeah, the weather around here lately is not working for me at all!

    Caption: Must…remember…my….happy place. Must…remember…my….happy place.

  6. “Mom – I swear to God, or any other so-called omniscient being – if you EVAH get me one of those leash things that Tigger has, I will come back in each and every one of my nice lives and scratch you eyeballs out with these claws.”

  7. The desert… It is so hot… I think I am going to… Have to crawl… IS that a king’s throne I see up ahead… or it my imagination… The heat does things to the mind… Oh it is a throne… Claw my way there… Must get my paws on that throne to prove to May that I AM KING… Here me Purr!!!!… Oh it is hot… mouth going dry… I will make it… I will survivie… I am KING… I am KING… I am KING!

  8. Best. ‘nip. ever. Just wish the room wasn’t spinning.

    Chris–Hope your day gets better! We have “smoke” for weather here. It’s summer, so California is on fire.

  9. “If I have to hear one more story about pink tiaras and panther princesses I will tear this carpet right up…”

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