Kat’s hosting March Madness again this year and there will be prizes!

A puzzling thing – I crawled into bed last night and realized I was lying on something hard. It turned out to be a 1.5″ long nail. Where the hell did this nail come from and how did it get into my bed, under the covers?!!

Ok, you might remember that I started some RPMs for March FiberFlix a week or so ago, using Lenten Rose, a semisolid from Sundara’s sock club. I haven’t been working on these socks because I started to wonder if Lenten Rose really should be knit into lace and a multicolored yarn used for the RPMs. I pulled out some STR in Titania and started another RPM. What do you think? (Besides that I have yet to see a photo, mine included, that captures how, um, vivid Titania is.)

Can you believe that no cats came to see what I was doing?! May was busy chittering at birds through the open window (it was 64F yesterday when I got home from work – goodbye, snow!).

*chitter chitter chitter chitter* -M

“Hey, May! Mom left yarn and needles all over the living room floor! What? You’re about to catch a bird? Yeah, right.” -C

46 thoughts on “RPM vs RPM”

  1. Yeah, I agree with the crowd. The pattern definitely is more vivid with the STR.

    I find all manner of things in bed because one of our cats has an oral fixation. If it’s small enough to fit in his mouth, he picks it up. And apparently our bed is the safest place for his stash…

  2. I’m going to be part of the cool crowd and vote for STR too!

    OK. Gandalf has picked some weird play things in his time – tomatoes, avocado, and recently a sweet potato – but he’s never gone the way of sharp pointy things! Ouch! Hope you didn’t poke yourself with it?

  3. Yup Lenten Rose is lace. STR is RPM.

    A nail. Where the heck did it come from (we know who put it there…a black cat, of course! Probably the smaller of the two…)?

  4. Yeah, the STR looks better with that pattern. Though, considering that you knit way more of that sock than the other one… I think you decided on that one yourself. 🙂

    There’s a joke somewhere in that post about you getting hammered and nailed but… it’s too early.

  5. Leftover from when the windows were changed? And one of the kitties found it and brought it to bed? Or do you actually have a hammer and nails?

    My vote goes to the STR!

  6. If it were me, I would use the STR for RPM and save the Lenten Rose for something lacy.

    Katie doesn’t stash hardware in our bed, but the ferrets have been known to hide hardware and computer parts in the bed in the spare bedroom.

  7. I’d definitely save the Lenten Rose for a lacey pattern or something that doesn’t work with variegated. The RPM looks so great with the color changes in the STR.

    and I’d be willing to put money on the fact that a kitty brought that nail to your bed!!

  8. I definetly vote for the STR! Thats some nice sock yarn! When will kitties figure out that you can’t jump through glass…Serge keeps trying to catch a squirrel…*sigh*

  9. The STR for the RPM in my book! I am trying the lace pattern Sundara included with the Lenten Rose. Two things to note: charting the pattern works wonders; for me it is knitting up bigger than her dimensions would suggest on the same size needles–it is very stretchy. In fact, I am concerned that it will be too big for my size 8.5 feet and “shapely” calves.

    My mom’s cat Katrina is a bird-chitterer, too. Except Katrina also drools while chittering. Very gross. I hope May is a bit more refined!

  10. The Titania is beautiful – even as photographed! I miss little kitty chitters about birds through the glass — they are so cute, so certain they’ll get one if they just come close enough…

  11. I really like the STR w/ the RPM pattern 🙂 And I think that you’re right, the Lenten Rose would look really nice in some lace or other open patternwork.

    Plus it’s good to know that other cats in the world do that chittering thing. When I was a kid we had a cat that was obsessed with doing that while looking outside, I always thought he was off in the head…

  12. I agree with most, use the lovely Sundara for something where you really want to see the knitting, not the yarn. STR for RPM, helps break up the stripes and such.

  13. Oooo. I like the ribbing on those socks. Ribbing? Is that what it’s called or did I just make that up? Sounds kind of dirty.

    Anyway. Cute socks!

  14. Oh, definitely the STR. The other yarn will be lovely in a heap of other patterns, but the Titania is really popping in that pattern!

    I love it when the cats chitter at birds. Marlowe still hasn’t quite twigged that glass = no bird catching.

  15. At least May is smart enough to look out the window at the birds. Someone at our house (who’s behind it too wide to fit on the windowsill) sits behind the screen door (the bottom part that is solid) and listens.

  16. My cats were ecstatic when I left the front door open this afternoon and they could look outside. We were fighting for fresh air in front of the open window too…I felt like such a big meanie when I had to shut it.

    I like the more vivid sock too!

  17. A “nail” nail? That’s kind of creepy!

    (But it reminds me of the Dan Akroyd SNL skits, “Bag o’ Nails,” “Bag o’ Glass,” etc.)

  18. I’m ringing in late here, but I think the pattern looks great with both. The solid color really lets the stitch shine. But, that stitch really pops out the multiple colors and mixes them up a bit I think. If you won’t die of boredum knitting four socks in a row with the same patterns I’d say continue on both!

    As for the nail? Scary!

  19. I like them both too. I almost like the solid color better…..

    Go, May! You can get those birds! If only they co-operate…..open the windows…..just hold still…..

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