Linkity linkity link link

“Wha…?” -Polly

Mayhem looking, as someone commented on Insta, “not just tragic, but French levels of tragic.”

Intent Harry is intent!

3 thoughts on “Linkity linkity link link”

  1. LOL @ fighting the Fellowship! (Personally, I think the best bet for me would be to fight Boromir, because I think he would go the easiest on me and I don’t think the others would come to his defense. Though I didn’t think about fighting any of them before reading that tumblr thread, it was really HARD to not think about it after the fact.)

    Mayhem does look French levels of tragic. Woe.

    Love the origami butterflies! Must look and see if I still have any origami paper…

    The Miette Halloween costume wins!

    I ADORE the Star Trek replicator thread. (Also, this is one reason we eat at Jersey Mike’s when we want hoagies. Mr. Wyrm is from New Jersey, and so when we ate at Jersey Mike’s for the first time he was shocked that it tasted like a “real” hoagie. He spoke with the owner of the franchise, who told us that they get the bread dough shipped to them from New Jersey and ready to bake—meaning the dough is made using New Jersey water. And it makes an actual difference.)
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