In which we get a new toilet at Casa de Chaos y Mayhem

The old toilet was original to my condo, complete with a 1968 date stamp in the tank. The old toilet worked ok most of the time, but would periodically decide not to shut off and require manual assistance to do so. I vaguely remember it working a bit better before I got Chaos.

You don’t see the connection? When Chaos was a wee youngster (only 9 or 10 pounds), he used to chase his tail on top of the toilet tank while I took my shower. This bent the tank against the wall; I ended up sticking some felt pads back there to keep the tank from thunking against the wall.

I guess the tank always had a hairline crack from the handle around the side, but over the past several months, the crack got wider and water started to leak out of it. Hmm. Very inauspicious, that. I started shutting off the water to the toilet whenever I left the condo, just in case. Hmm. The shutoff appeared to drip. Very inauspicious, that.

Tuesday I finally got around to calling the plumber to find out when he could come and replace the kitchen sink shutoffs, the toilet shutoff, and the toilet itself . (Disclaimer: Yes, I know I could’ve done it myself and saved some money, but I am so, so, so unhandy it was worth the money to not have to deal with the frustration. There would’ve been blood, too.) Anyway, he had an opening Wednesday morning. Um, ok… so I bought a toilet on my way home Tuesday night, and by 10:30 am Wednesday… Ta-da!

“For all the noise and commotion, I expected more than a new litterbox for you, Mom.” -Mayhem

Hopefully I adjust to this new, taller toilet without too many painful middle-of-the-night incidents…

31 thoughts on “In which we get a new toilet at Casa de Chaos y Mayhem”

  1. You will love the taller toilet. And, you might mention to Chaos, that for a homeowner, a new toilet can be like a Christmas gift. We tend not to replace or repair until it is way past due;-D

  2. if it’s too tall, sometimes a “poopy stool” will help;)….just one of those short, one level step stools to rest your feet on. Weird? yes. Creepy? Maybe, but it works!

  3. My sister is all about the DIY. Remodelled 2 bathrooms in the house, and did all sorts of household repairs. I don’t mind the odd small job – but, I’m the same way as you are. I’ll pay to have someone do it!

    (Poopy stool, LOL!)

  4. A trustworthy plumber can be a homeowner’s best friend! What amazes me is that you brought home a toilet by yourself? That glazed porcelain litter box is heavy!

  5. Very proud of you for buying the toilet yourself!!!! Most people would have let the plumber do that!!!
    And you are right… Call a plumber! There are things that I am proud “as a woman” that I can do by myself… but hard plumbing like a toilet… well.. better left to the professions!

    Love Mayhem!!! Hope the commomotion did not distrub the peace of the house to much!!

  6. Personally, I like a taller litterbox. My SIL bought a “shortie” for her new house and was very excited about it. Of course, she’s short – so I guess that makes sense for her. I hate using it.

  7. There’s nothing wrong with using a professional. Anytime I want to make sure something is done completely right, I use a professional. It’s why it is their job not mine. If they want a website or homemade pie and ice cream, I can help them.

  8. Peace of mind and lack of hassle can make calling the plumber a very good thing. Glad all is fixed so promptly! I’ve been to the Kohler design center in Kohler, WI, and I think you could have found a pink, sparkly toilet if you had really wanted to. May might be more impressed.

  9. Nice lookin’ litter box! 🙂

    btw, I’m having a contest over at my blog. I really needed a laugh. Wanna enter? Leave a funny comment! 🙂

  10. Is it weird that I feel like I’ve totally just invaded your privacy by reading this post. And I’m almost a bit ashamed of myself for it??

  11. Congratulaions, may all your days be filled with no leaking and regularity.

    I just couldn’t resist.

    Poor Chaos being blamed for breaking the toilet, he was but a wee kitty!

  12. You know if you’d done it yourself, dry rot and massive renovation would’ve been involved. It’s a rule of nature. Nice looking litterbox!

  13. Congrats on the new toilet! I can do easy plumbing stuff but anything at all complicated, I call the plumber. I have a fear of water everywhere.

    A taller toilet seems like it would be better in the middle of the night than shorter, if you had to choose.

  14. I can see trying your own electrical, but plumbing? Paying the plumber is cheaper than replacing the floor, walls, and neighbor’s ceiling.

  15. “could have done it yourself”… so Not worth it! There’s all that business about pipes getting stuck together and trying to get them apart and breaking things further and further into the wall and the next thing you know, you have the wall out and the floor. Plus there’s that business about seating the toilet on the new wax ring, only one chance to do it right, or it’ll leak… and what’s more inauspicious than the tank or water source to a toilet leaking? The bowl. ewww….

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