Of Contests and Calorimetry and Cat Spit

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Besides finishing the socks, I also started and finished Calorimetry from knitty over the weekend. I knit it from a stray ball of Jo Sharp Silkroad Aran and I had less than 18 inches of yarn left. I cast on 100 stitches, instead of the 120 that the pattern called for. I also skipped one set of short rows, but I should have skipped two sets – it feels a little wide to me. Here’s an exceptionally crappy picture of me modeling it as my able assistant attempts to run away:

“I never go outside, so I certainly don’t need anything to keep my ears warm!” -M

Since she didn’t model, you might be wondering what assistance Mayhem provided on this project. I present Exhibit A, complete with a few spots of cat spit where she gnawed through the yarn:

Mayhem professed innocence of any wrongdoing whatsoever:

“What do you mean, I’m not supposed to be on the table?! How did you even notice me amongst all this clutter?!” -M

She is such a teenager now!

61 thoughts on “Of Contests and Calorimetry and Cat Spit”

  1. Hey, that looks great! Glad you had enough yarn, even with May’s help. I am beginning to realize I have a big punkin’ head, so maybe I should give this a shot, since everyone seems to think it’s big.

  2. Gah! Guy chews through my yarn sometimes too. That is the most annoying thing ever. I love Mays glowing eyes in the table shot! Very catlike behavior alright.

  3. Just last night I was knitting a pair of felted clogs with my head down, concentrating deeply. My cat, Grover, was sitting at my feet, which I thought was sweet. As I reached a critical point in the pattern I realized I had two inches of yarn left. He had chewed right through my wool!

  4. “May, don’t you know you shouldn’t chew on the yarn .. you’re supposed to steal it, and pull it all out of the neat ball our mommies make out of it .. then hide half of it under the couch!”

    Yes. This is Isis’ plan. To hide all my yarn.

  5. Ah, cat spit and broken yarn! That’s Isis’ signature, too. That and the “Who, me?” expression with the very surprised, very innocent owl-eyed look beamed at me from a place far, far away from the crime scene.

    You’re right, she and May really do have far too much in common…

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