Lurkity lurkity lurker

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Oh oh

This was an eye-opening look at perceived threats. Our greatest danger? Ourselves…

Hard to believe that The Matrix came out ten years ago.

How to cast on stitches at the end of a row and end up with nice edges – from TECHKnitting, of course.

Check out how tiny the 9″ HiyaHiya circular needles are – they fit into an Altoids tin!

Turn a business card into an earbud winder via origami.

As our thoughts turn to spring, maybe this inexpensive trellis is just what you need to increase your vegetable growing space.

Excellent – research actually supports that some leisure-related internet browsing while you’re at work can increase your productivity.

What evil lurks in the heart of kitteh?

Hmm. Maybe it’s best to retract that question…

23 thoughts on “Lurkity lurkity lurker”

  1. Yea! I browse the internet all day while at “work”! And I’m very “productive” Please note “random” use of “quotation” marks as “proof” that I’ve been “browsing” too much!

  2. Wow, 10 years? Time flies…I remember seeing it for the first time and thing – cooool. And WTF?? Oh wait, that came later.

    “Watch quietly as the stealthy black house cat waits patiently for her prey to let down her guard. Perhaps this will be his lucky day, and the family will eat. Or, perhaps the hunt will be unsuccessful, and she will once again have to rely on the goodwill of her den mother.”

  3. Fun links. I’ve used that concrete reinforcement wire to make big, sturdy tomato cages, as well as for trellises. It works really well, but it does rust. I figure it adds iron to the soil, but it does make me a little nervous around any cut edges of the wire. I think this year I’ll toss it all and get something that’s galvanized.

  4. Yes, I did take the time, here at my desk, at my job, where I’m clearly supposed to be doing other things, to try the business card origami. Perhaps slightly dweeb-ish of me, but I couldn’t resist.

  5. Thanks for all the links. I can’t stand 16″ circs; the 9″ make my hands hurt just thinking about it.

    Be careful. You seem to have a panther in your house.

  6. I can’t see the point of 9 inch circs either. I think it would be very difficult to knit with them.

    You really wonder what goes through little kitty brains when they are lurking and stalking like that. Some part of their brains must still think they are big jungle cats.

  7. I’ve always thought if that it would be much better if people focused on the real threats instead of perceived threats.

    I had an aunt who used to rig up a trellis on the side of her porch with some nails and some string. It seemed to work well.

    You’d better watch out for the panther hiding in the jungle.

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