Linkity says goodbye to Leonard

I find I have little enthusiasm for linkity tonight. It’s been a rough week. First the US election, which… I really hoped for better from us. And then learning of Leonard Cohen’s death…

Here’s a blurry (it was windy) rose blooming by my building. In November. In Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where Thursday’s high temperature of 68F was the average temperature for the 10th of September, not November.

Some post-election thoughts from local bloggers mlegan, kmkat, 366thingsilove, and pkatkins. Eloquent tirade from an NBA coach. Gracious and inspiring words from Hillary Clinton.

Both of the cats have been very clingy this evening. Here’s a shot of my lap a few minutes ago:

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

And that’s all I got this evening, folks. Stay safe. To quote the National, “Be brave and be kind.”

9 thoughts on “Linkity says goodbye to Leonard”

  1. @Clare: I only had the chance to see him once, in 1993, but you’re right – he was amazing. And he will be missed.

    Dammit, 2016.

  2. I pretty much feel the same as you and the kitties. Larry is a huge Leonard Cohen fan, and he was devastated by the news.

    Saturday Night Live could not have done a better job summing up the week with their opening the other night.

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