WTF Wednesday wackiness

I cannot thank all of you enough for the kind words for my Chaos Kitty. He seems to be doing well! I think the next day or so of antibiotics will be critical. Anyone who’s met him will be shocked to know that he watches me get out the medicine and waits to be dosed… And, if he is back on form by Sunday or Monday, I have a revised plan of attack for my Knitblogger’s Tour of the West.

Wow, I was also a winner in Becky’s contests over at Moonfrog! I’m trying to direct some of this luck Chaos’ way. 🙂

Ok, time to lighten things up here with a little WTF Wednesday wackiness!! I have an old Bernat book of raglans that has a few interesting pictures… First, imagine the emotional scars to this poor child as her father sneakily steals her Cracker Jacks – probably the prize! She is so going to make them pay for therapy later.

I find this woman’s hair and proportions vaguely disquieting… perhaps because I think my neck would snap off if held at that angle?!

Nothing vaguely disquieting about this picture. Stepford Wife, anyone? Yikes!

And here’s May, filling in for Chaos while he rests up and heals. May, she’s not as particular as Chaos about mice. She loves all the mice.

“I’m hanging onto this mouse because I think the refrigerator might come and steal it like it did all the other mice.”