A Pre-Spring Walk with Mysteries

On Thursday when I drove to work, it was -7F. Yesterday afternoon when I went for a walk? +55F. Crazy!

After a bitterly cold winter, Minnesotans embrace the outdoors at temperatures that might make other parts of the country shiver. People were eating outside, and some were even wearing shorts.

At Bob’s Java Hut, a biker coffee bar, the first hardy motorcyclists congregated.

And brunchers basked outside the Bryant Lake Bowl.

A little yarn mystery that I noticed:

Mysterious rocks that appeared on our sidewalk during my walk:

And a mysterious Sphinx-like creature that appeared in my living room:

“Worship me. It is my due.” -Mayhem

41 thoughts on “A Pre-Spring Walk with Mysteries”

  1. Yeah, Canadians do the same thing! It may 8C, but people. It’s still chilly! But, there’s something about the sun and milder temperatures that makes us think we live in the tropics at this time of year.

    Hello Queen Mayhem *pat pat pat*

  2. Did that yarn really overwinter under the snow outside??

    We didn’t get that super cold, but it felt wickedly warm at under 50 yesterday morning. My legs were so HOT in dark jeans with the sun on them while walking the dog. I was wishing for shorts! Had to take off my coat.

    My Florida relatives shudder. They felt cool and comfortable at 80. YUCK!

    She looks like such a sphinx. Or is she a minx?

  3. You know it’s almost spring when the crocuses and yarn start blooming. Trying to figure out if it’s warm and un-windy enough to Vespa to work today.

  4. Mr. M was itching to ride this weekend – but alas his bike is in pieces. And, for the record I didn’t think it was warm enough for shorts or outdoor dining. *brrr*

  5. Oh, Mayhem, little do you know, there’s a 40-pound border collie in Eden Prairie that would love to have you as a snack.

  6. Glad you got some nice weather! Most native Californians would not be wearing shorts in that weather. The yarn is very mysterious.

    May, a sphinx is supposed to have a riddle. Have you thought one up?

  7. I hear you! We are trying to eat at outdoor restaurants and push the season too. Not sure that it’s responding as energetically as it should.

    I didn’t know they had sphinx in Minnesota!

  8. Love the sphinx.

    The weather sounds more bearable, though if they’re wearing shorts in 55 degrees, what would they do in 100 degrees like we have in Texas? *shudder*

    I also agree with Shelly–someone should give that beautiful yarn a home and make it into something!

  9. nice weather pics! we got a new 4-6 inches out of the blue yesterday and i have big limbs and branches on my upper deck from the wind! Today, gray, drizzly and 40 degrees. Despite that i got a few things done in the yard. Hmmmm, i wonder about that yarn mystery!!

  10. After -7, 55 probably feels like the middle of summer. Our weather hasn’t been quite that crazy, but close. We’re heading back into warmer temps again, expecting 70s towards the end of the week.

    All hail Queen May!

  11. It was a bit brisk last week and then the weekend was glorious. I went out and walked for hours, and yesterday was warm enough (somewhere in your ballpark of 55) that I took of the sweatshirt and was walking around in my capri length running pants, a tech t and a regular t. Of course, it is colder today but before too long spring will be here all the time… or at least until mosquito season.

  12. The mystery is where Mayhem’s legs went!

    You know those yarn balls fell out of someone’s knitting bag (well, at least that would be the story if they were mine). And now the melting snow has unearthed them.

    Even if sodden, a much nicer discovery than dog poop.

  13. 55 is a heat wave compared to the -7!!!! It’s all relative. When I lived in NY and we were going into the winter, when it hit 40 I would FREEZE. But after having temps in the teens, 40s felt like summer!!! Now when it drops into the 60s after temps in the 90s, i freeze and pull out the wool socks!

  14. Yep, there were shorts here in Chicago, too. I am not ready for shorts – that’s a WEE bit overzealous. Um, I did turn on the air conditioner in the car briefly, though. Hey, the sun was kind of harsh!

  15. Oh, it’s true – +55 is summery shawl-only weather at THIS end of winter; it’s “get-out-the-parka” weather in October. I do love Winter but one of its finest attributes are these first warm days – and I LOVE reading about yours, because we import our fresh weather directly from the Twin Cities, you know. Also – I recognize May’s posture: it’s the “Pampered Daughter of Bast” pose, and rich treats laid before her are her due. (Evangeline does it too. I know.)

  16. “It is my due.” You crack me up!

    As for the idea that 55F is balmy, Chicagoans do the same thing. We’re just grateful for some sunshine and relatively warm temps. And yes, I heard someones motorcycle over the weekend.

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