Vintage Knitting Patterns: Hand Knits for Men (reposted from 2007)

Mayhem presents…

“Um, what am I doing?” -Mayhem

Never mind, May… Let’s peruse Hand Knits for Men (revised, 1961), shall we? Feel free to caption amongst yourselves, although let’s try not to make my hit statistics too interesting, eh?! In a rare show of restraint, I’ve confined my captions to the picture titles – hover your mouse pointer over the pictures to see. ;)








16 thoughts on “Vintage Knitting Patterns: Hand Knits for Men (reposted from 2007)”

  1. These are brilliant, that’s cheered up my morning at work :). My gran had a whole box of these types of patterns, I wish we still had them. Not that any of my modern men would be seen dead in any of the knits now… 🙂

  2. Huh. THIS is the new Ottawa hockey sweaters. Looks pretty close to that cardigan in the first black and white (although I can’t see what colors it is). Everything old is new again. 🙂

    My caption for pic 2:
    Guy in blue: Look at the ass on that one.
    Guy with binocoluars: Oh baby, come to Daddy.

  3. Woohoo!! I love this post and you know I love Men+Knitting! I wish I owned some of these!!! They’re so amazing… plus you know, like a nerd I’m actually looking at the guys and funny captions and thinking about how I could change that pattern around, etc 🙂

  4. Given how sunny it looks in that first one, the guys must be thinking “Take the damn pictures, we’re sweating like pigs here!”

    The implied kinkiness of the riding crop one is delightful. 😀

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