Trying to catch up

So! How was everyone’s Thanksgiving (or Thursday past, for my non-US friends)? Here’s a picture from our Thanksgiving table:

Coming soon to a theater near you? I know, I know, you’ll be fighting amongst yourselves to join us next year, eh? 😉

This is what to my wondering eyes did appear Sunday morning when I sprang out of bed:

Fortunately, most of it’s gone now.

A while ago, Cheryl sent me a package of gluten-free goodies, kitty treats, and a great yarn containment bag. Everything was a huge hit – thanks, Cheryl! (Pay attention to everything in the pictures below, because you’ll be seeing some of it again… why, yes, that was extremely unsubtle foreshadowing. Thanks for noticing!)

*sniff sniff sniff* – Chaos

“What is this?! This is so cool! I love this!” -Mayhem

“Mmm… nip. Although I have my doubts that this little packet is actually 50 pounds.” -Chaos

“Oh, this is great! The best! Best thing ever!” -Mayhem

31 thoughts on “Trying to catch up”

  1. How did I know that Chaos would find the cat nip 😉

    Hmm, if that’s what you do to your guests, I think I’ll have to pass on any invites to dinner!

  2. Would that by any chance be an antique doll belonging to someone in your family? I remember when I was very small, having one of those from an older relative.

    We have mananged to avoid the S-word so far. How long we can hold out, I do not know…

  3. Creepy, creepy doll. Pretty sure don’t want to know about the doll.

    Great stuff! The kitties look very pleased (and their fur looks so shiny) too.

  4. Haven’t I warned you about inviting demonic dolls to dinner? You invite them once and they’ll NEVER leave. Next thing you know, you’ll find them in your bed or watching your TV or borrowing your clothes!

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