L is also for…

Library! (I’m sure that sense of deja vu you’re experiencing will pass.) As part of my excursion downtown, I checked out the new Minneapolis Central Library. Unfortunately, it looks like the sign has already taken a few hits…

But wow – isn’t it spectacular? This is the Nicollet Mall side:

And here’s the Hennepin Avenue side:

In the lobby, nifty technology…

…was balanced with ancient wisdom…

…in this statue of Minerva, Roman goddess of crafts and wisdom. What’s not to like about a library with the goddess of smart knitters in the lobby?! Especially when the banners on Nicollet Mall were so much fun?! This one reads “Meet Batgirl, Librarian!”

Back on the home front, we return to my foot, obviously in great danger…

“You thought I maybe was kidding about snagging the socks?!”

Some things to check out: Susan’s having a contest for her birthday. Sallee’s coordinating knitting for C4C (Clothes for Crisis – showing people in trouble that we care) and KnitRed (knitting to raise awareness of women’s heart disease) – stop by and see how you can help.Let’s keep our fingers crossed that Blogger plays nice today and let’s us post and comment, eh?!!

Oh, and I found this odd little note tucked into my bag this morning:

Dear Bella,

I am writing to you out of my deep respect and concern for your well-being (and since I am convinced that you are a cat trapped in a dog’s body). I am not sure if you are aware of what is going on, but it appears that your mom is plotting against you. It sounds like she is bringing another furbaby into your household, by name of “Louie” – are you aware of this?! I suggest that you take immediate measures to thwart this diabolical plot. Such treachery cannot be allowed.

Yours truly, with purrs and licks,


24 thoughts on “L is also for…”

  1. One of the things I love most about Minneapolis is the inter-connecting bridges they have on the second floor of the city – so that you never have to walk outside during the icey cold winter. Amazing.
    and oh my… Chaos seems to have a buddy arriving. But Chaos dear, he looks so sweet !

  2. That is a pretty library! I love the statue of Minerva. She makes a nice juxtaposition with Batgirl.

    I love the Chaos action shots! (I never thought you foot was out of danger. 😉

  3. Heh- I’m surprised you can read Chaos’ pawwriting – or is he using the printer now? ;o)

    Beautiful shots of downtown – esp. the Minerva statue! (They have a relief of Minerva at the O’Rourke museum in Moorhead – that was due for demolition with an old school – and they saved her and put her in their courtyard.) Wonderful museum if you’ve never been (small though)

    So – for getting the books YOU actually want to read, which library is the best? ;o)

  4. Chaos is a mole?? I thought Christine was going to break the news to Bella gently. Doesn’t she have enough going on right now without YOUR cat BUTTING in on her family life. REALLY – how dare he! What kind of cat are you raising over there anyway?

  5. how thoughtful of chaos to look out for his friends. tell him that if Bella gets a sibling, then they can team up against their mom… imagine the amt of guilt from TWO furbabies!

  6. Mmm, you have to love all of Blogger’s persnicketiness as of late. I assume that’s why no one has posted on my latest blog entry. Socks for Sheep now has prizes!
    Chaos’s claws look REALLY large in your last couple of pictures, I hope he doesn’t ruin your beautiful socks!

  7. Our local library is so small its practically invisible! But it does have internet access so if ever we have a major fault on the line I got somewhere to go….

    And in the last few weeks all the libraries in the area have joined together online and I can order any book and they’ll send it to my local library for only 50p. Bargain.

    I’m planning on checking out a load of books I’ve wanted to have a look at. Got tired of ordering stuff and being disappointed and ending up selling them on Ebay.

    Mind you, I thought I’d ordered Mason Dixon Knitting from the library but somehow ended up with Montse Stanley’s Simply Fabulous Knitting. Blame it on jetlag….

  8. Great pictures of the library building! It really looks like an amazing place! I love the architecture and the statue 😉

    Have a good weekend, Chris and Chaos!

  9. Thank you, Chris, for your links to my “pet” projects! I really appreciate it…Chaos you better sheath those claws or momma won’t knit anymore catnip mice!

  10. Is that an elevator with wide screen tvs on the outside?

    Also, Chaos is a much better writer than my cats. They spell cat KAT. Duh.

  11. Blogger is finally working. Love the pictures, it sure makes the library I go to look so old and tiny. I don’t think Chaos is ever going to for give you for the bib pictures.

  12. I was having a tough time of it yesterday too. What a pain. I love the library pics. Makes me want to head downtown and snap a few shots of the “cool” one.

  13. Hi Chris! I see all is well in MN! Chaos sure is handsome. We used to play a foot game with Thomas called “get the bed bump” where he would attack feet moving under a blanket. It was great fun when we were awake, but totally sucked when we were sleeping.

    Have you signed up for fall Midwest Masters yet? I think I’ll sign up for all of Fiona Ellis’ class! :o)

  14. The letters missing on the library sign are not the ones that would allow it to live up to maximum juvenile humor potential. 🙂

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