I wonder if they have Keens Anonymous?

You might remember my Keen World post from March. There have been a few changes – shall we review?

The Keens marked out in red are no longer in my possession. The pair marked out in pink needs to find a new home (if you wear a US womens 11/EU 42, we should talk). I have an additional identical pair of those marked in green. (Confused yet?)

“Ye gads, I’ve heard of circling the wagons, but…” -Chaos

“Mom said this pair marked out in blue is her favorite pair of shoes ever, but they’re all worn out now. Will my feet wear out and make me sad? Will Mom need to buy me new feet then? Does Keen make new black kitty feet?” -Mayhem

Alas, May’s right – my favorite Providence clogs still look ok on the outside, but they definitely need to be retired. Fortunately, I found some new clogs, pictured below. In the lower left corner are my Winthrop clogs (womens). Next to them are my San Antonio clogs (mens). To the right are my new Keen Dakota winter boots (womens). And wasn’t it nice of Onlineshoes.com to include that lovely Keen reusable shopping bag for me? Do they have my number or what?! 😉

(Ignore Chaos’ bald ear in the picture below. Off to the vet Friday to figure out why he’s scratching the fur off his poor ear.)

*sniff sniff* “I don’t really trust shoes that haven’t been worn. They lack character.” -Chaos

“Oh, look! A little cordy thing sticking out!” -Mayhem

“Mom, do we need to stage an intervention?” -Chaos

“Hmph. This pair doesn’t have any little cordy things.” -Mayhem